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How strong are your Digital Skills?

Benchmark your skills against your professional competition in about 15 minutes!  This free digital marketing self-evaluation tool is simple and easy to use.  Takes only a couple minutes to get started and you can do an overview and even drill down into more specific tactics like SEO.  You will see your results immediately and it will be compared to the industry average for you.   Supercharge your career and #BeTheChief

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Test your digital capabilities

Our Digital Diagnostic provides free personalized feedback on how competent you are in digital marketing — allowing you to easily identify and resolve problem areas and distinguish yourself from your peers.

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Review your results

Upon completing the diagnostic, you’ll receive a breakdown of the results, including suggestions on which courses can advance your digital skillset and the option to further analyze your digital proficiency.

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A global digital skills crisis

The demand for digital marketing expertise significantly outweighs the supply. Download our report today and discover why now is the time to future-proof your career with a certificate from Chief Internet Marketer official licensee of the Digital Marketing Institute.