Chief Internet Marketer average rating:
4.8 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.

I am in the sales world and it is shifting so very fast...  Understanding how to use tools and strategies in the digital space has helped me connect with targets in a new way.  Also follow up in a new way!  Thanks.  Melissa

West Palm Beach FL
( 5.0/ 5 stars)

So excited to start the Certified Digital Marketing Professional course next week.  Registered a bit late but ready to go.

Little early for the course review, but the process working with Jeff was really easy.  Answered all my questions and got me set up!   


Gainsville FL
( 5.0/ 5 stars)

"I had heard a lot of reviews from people in the industry about the benefits of DMI in this area. Additionally, the chance to learn from the very tenured lecturers that they have on staff was the main draw for me."

Cambridge MA
( 5.0/ 5 stars)

"The most comprehensive, sophisticated and flexible program in the market."

( 5.0/ 5 stars)

"If you’re doing it online like I did, properly allocate time. Pretend as though you have class at a set time every week and make no other plans at that time. It will allow you absorb the information at a reasonable rate and leave you plenty of time to study at the end."

New York City NY
( 4.5/ 5 stars)
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