5 Digital Marketing Trends That Is Shaping 2019

5 Digital Marketing Trends That Is Shaping 2019

5 Digital Marketing Trends That Is Shaping 2019

Digital marketing should never be ignored by any business. Of course, the power of effective marketing for every business is not in dispute. However, more than ever before, digital marketing is taking the front burner. Every business wants to reach more people, the question is; where are these people? The answer is already known to every business owner and they are doing everything possible to reach more. Reaching more people means growing your customer/clientele base, achieving this means you are active in the cybersphere more than ever before. Being active in the cyberspace can only be achieved via digital marketing. 

Before 2019, the digital marketing landscape used to be dominated by social media, PPC, SEO and content marketing. There’s now a dramatic shift, a shift you must move along with. These shifts are what we refer to as digital marketing trends. This is simple, we’ll be looking at the dominant digital marketing techniques businesses are using; and why you should use them if you are yet to. 

  1. The Growth and Acceptability of Live Video

From 2016 to date, there has been a focus on live video streaming by the major social media networks. Live video is even getting bigger in 2019, not surprising anyway, there’s an upsurge in the use of live streaming devices. 

Yes, it’s a bandwagon. A bandwagon that is helping businesses achieve more sales. You need to see Facebook’s Live infographic on what businesses are achieving through it. 

  1. Video Ads Popping Up Everywhere

Let’s start this with a stat; this 2019, a video has accounted for 85% of total internet traffic. Check through your Facebook and Twitter profiles, you’ll be welcomed by video ads as you scroll down. 

Just like Live Video, there’s a rise in video ads. This is why smart digital marketers are adding video ads as a major aspect of their content in 2019. Compare metrics from running video ads on Instagram and Youtube, video is taking the lead as far as it’s 2019. 

  1. Personalization: One To One Marketing 

Digital marketers have tried it before now, delivering content that addresses personal needs generates excellent results. The issue has been taking personalized marketing from this basic level to being advanced. 

So far into the year, companies are doing more than basic to connect content and data. The result so far is what your business should strive to replicate. The issue has been around the ethical nature of personalization, which is being addressed through consent management. 

  1. Mass Adoption of Chatbots

They’ve been around for a while, and they have become an important aspect of digital marketing in 2019. The real-time response and promptness of chatbots as powered by Artificial Intelligence is what customers love. 

Aside from being loved by customers, chatbots is helping businesses save a lot. More than what humans can achieve, chatbots are helping businesses establish a culture and pedigree of outstanding customer service and meeting the needed of customers. 

  1. Social Messaging Presence of Businesses. 

Everything cannot be handled by chatbots, humans have to come into the mix. Search for your favorite fast-food on social media, they are there. From there, you can even place orders. 

Through social messaging, businesses are reaching out to prospective customers. While chatbots are helping to retain customers, social messaging can bring in new customers. 

So far, 2019 has been about video content, chatbots, and personalized marketing. With this combo, you can stay ahead of the rest if effectively used. The year is still young, you can still play catch up and win before it runs out.