Certified Course Scholarships

Chief Internet Marketer understands that some students may need help in their quest to become a digital marketing expert.  We want to help where we can and have launched our scholarship program this year.  We fully believe that if every digital marketer was able to take this course our whole economy would benefit as the quality of work would raise and so would the results.   We also recognize that we need help from corporations and non-profit organizations to complete our goals.  So we are working hard to match those in need with those who can help...


Partial and full scholarships for students to get certified in one of our provided courses. Scholarships can help students get ahead of the competition and have the knowledge to take their career to the next level. Each scholarship request is evaluated individually and there is no guarantee or promise of any scholarship.  However, we do our best to help which could range from a discount off of a course to a full or partial scholarship for one of our digital marketing courses.  If you are interested in a scholarship contact jeff@chiefinternetmarketer.com. 


Organizations oftentimes look for ways to give back to the community and provide opportunities to people who need assistance. Chief Internet Marketer allows the chance for an organization to provide a partial or full scholarship for someone in the business or students looking to get certified in one of our provided courses. We assist and match you with a candidate that we feel would be the best fit to receive the scholarship. Scholarships can provide someone with the chance to learn new ideas and gain more knowledge allowing them to stand out from the competition. They also can provide someone with assistance to take a course to better their chances of landing a job or bettering their career. If there is a candidate who has transportation issues or is handicapped a scholarship can allow them to get certified in a course and potentially be able to get a job where they can work from home. The scholarships will be as beneficial to you providing them as it will be for the person receiving it. Providing a scholarship can be a way to better the future of the business by creating more workers with the highest knowledge possible. If you are an organization looking to provide tools for the future and are interested in taking part in a scholarship program in any way please email jeff@chiefinternetmarketer.com