Digital Engagement & Marketing Strategist - Mountain View CA

Job Highlights

City of Mountain View
Mountain View, CA
Posted: 9/16/20
Salary: $109,363 -to- $136,704

What’s the role?
We’re looking for an innovative and proven professional to take on the role of DIGITAL

ENGAGEMENT & MARKETING STRATEGIST. You will join a fast-paced, dynamic team environment,
producing internal and external communication and outreach programs to the community
and the organization. This new position is in the newly formed Communications Division of the

City Manager’s office and receives direction from the Chief Communications Officer. If you
are looking to bring your creativity and strategic communication skills to make your mark in a

new role that will reach and impact a broad audience, this position is for you! Review our
Now accepting applications detailed job description here.

The Essentials

DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT & In addition to excellent customer service, a passion for efficiency, political acumen and
proficiency with the full Microsoft Office suite, you can satisfy the requirements with:

$109,363 to $136,704 Annually*  A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university with major in
$5,000 new hire bonus* (paid in two payments: communications, journalism, public or media relations, marketing, or a related field.
$2,500 in your first paycheck and $2,500 in the  Three years of increasingly responsible experience in public communications, public
first paycheck following successful completion

relations, marketing, or a related field. Required experience to include content of probationary period).

creation such as blogging, writing, and/or video, and photography. 
Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid California driver license.

Practical experience in social media marketing or search engine optimization is


Why Mountain View?  Accreditation in Public Relations from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Because where you choose to work, is highly des irable.
matters. Because you want to surround

yourself with passionate, mission-driven What you’ll do

colleagues committed to providing  Manage an d create strategy and content for City Manager’s Office social media
excellent service to the community and channels an d the City’s website.
each other. Because you want to apply  Engage wit h the community across various platforms to build relationships through
your talents in a place where words like social media discussions to enable proactive and positive interactions.
“empower,” “empathy” and  Create, ov ersee, review, edit, and/or distribute innovative and diverse
“innovation” are not merely nice communica tions tools in print or digital form, which may include flyers, brochures, ads,
sentiments, but are ideals we strive to newsletters, graphics, and videos to expand visibility and awareness of emerging
achieve in everything we do. issues, progr ams, priorities, and progress on community, City Council and organization-
driven goals , initiatives, and accomplishments. 
Enhance an d promote the City’s overarching brand, create digital marketing content

“Mountain View is truly a can-do to support t he City’s vision, organizational values, Code of Ethics, and cultural ideals,
City that doesn’t step back from and deliver results that promote confidence in the organization and advance the
any challenge. If you are looking to organization ’s professional reputation.

actively address the needs of the  Ensure com mon visual identity, including consistent branding, messaging, and voice.

community, improve programs and  Interact freq uently with the media; actively initiate, engage, and manage media

services, and be supported in your relations to promote the storytelling of the organization’s key priorities, events, and

personal learning and professional messages and to facilitate positive outcomes. Exercise judgment to prioritize media
opportunitie s. Respond to and manage media requests for information. growth, this is the place to be!” 

Stay abreas t of and integrate new technology and media platforms.
-Kimberly S. Thomas, Assistant to 

Support dig ital media goals of the Multilingual Outreach Program and targeted
the City Manager

populations . Customize outreach content and medium to each population/initiative
as appropria te to enhance civic engagement. 
Create and implement program and project work plans, including project budget;

  • Appointment beyond the posted salary range may be establish an d monitor goals and outcomes with metrics; track, compile, analyze, and
considered for exceptional qualifications and experience. interpret co mplex quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate effectiveness; Salary growth following appointment is in accordance with
a pay-for-performance plan and increases may be determine p ertinent trends and make improvements to enhance and maintain results.
awarded annually for meritorious performance.

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  • Pay beyond the salary range listed may be awarded for

Are we a Match? 

You are a self-starter who is energized by a fast-paced

environment that rewards innovation and continuous

improvement. 

Working on a team inspires you as does sharing ideas and

supporting the learning of others. 

You are engaged in technology and innovation and regularly add

tools to your communications toolkit. 

You are skilled at building relationships and understanding needs
CULTURAL IDEALS: of key stakeholders. 

Timelines, work plans, measurable objectives are key to your
strategic communications approach.

  • Empower People  You have a deep appreciation for transparency, detail and
accurate communications reinforces the importance of building
  • Foster Collaboration confidence in our organization.
  • You bring a powerful storytelling approach to sharing an Support Continuous Learning

organizations story.

  • Enhance Our Community
  • Champion Wellness
  • Lead with Empathy
The Perks!
  • Embrace Change &
Innovation 
Comprehensive Benefits:
  • Generous paid leave and group health coverage (medical,
dental, vision, EAP, Life & Disability Insurance)
  • CalPERS retirement (2.7% at 55 formula for classic members; 2%
at 62 for new members); employees contribute 11.5% for classic

members/11.25% for new members to CalPERS with no Social

Apply Now! Security deduction
Submit your complete application and  Support for Continuous Learning & Development:
resume online at or to the • Up to $2,000 in tuition reimbursement for education
Human Resources Division; City of Mountain advancement annually, with a one-time opportunity for up to
View, 500 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA $20,000 for the completion of a work-related Bachelor’s or
94041, (650) 903-6309. Please provide a Master’s degree
valid email address on your application. This • Professional/Technology Development Funds ($1,00.00 annually)
recruitment will close at 5:00 p.m. PST on  Wellness and Engagement Culture:
Sunday, September 20, 2020. • Access to an onsite employee gym

  • Incentive pay for participating in the City’s wellness program
  • Up to $100/month City contribution for mass transit expenses, with

$10/month minimum employee contribution; discounts for

carpools and ride-shares; a bicycle commute incentive

  • Ongoing commitment to robust internal communication and

feedback 

And More: Employee appreciation days and activities. 

Relocation: Relocation assistance may be provided for a move

occurring within one year of date of appointment.

Attention City of Mountain View employees: This

position qualifies under the Referral Incentive
Program. A Referral Incentive Form must be Attention City of Mountain View employees: This position qualifies under the Referral Incentive

submitted prior to the applicant’s initial interview to Program. A Referral Incentive Form must be submitted prior to the applicant’s initial interview to

qualify for the incentive. For questions, see qualify for the incentive. This is only applicable for new hires. For questions, see Administrative
Instruction 3-27 and call Human Resources for more information.

Administrative Instruction 3-27 and call Human

Resources for more information.

Fine Print. Depending on the number of applications, the above process may be altered. Candidates with a disability who may require special assistance in any phase of the application or testing process should advise the
Human Resources Division upon submittal of application. Documentation of the need for accommodation must accompany the request. The City of Mountain View is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Prior to hire,

candidates will be required to successfully complete a preemployment process, including employment verification and a Department of Justice (DOJ) fingerprint check. A conviction history will not necessarily disqualify an
applicant from appointment; however, failure to disclose a conviction will result in disqualification or termination. NOTE: The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract, and any provisions

contained in this bulletin may be modified or revoked without notice.

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