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“My knowledge of the digital field was broad, but theoretical only. In order to successfully build my company’s brand, I needed a deeper understanding of digital marketing, SEO and PPC advertising, in particular.”

( 5.0 out of 5 )

Love this resource, and looking forward to diving into some of the classes and courses being offered by Chief Internet Marketer.

Including 30 Minute Consultation

Full Web Site Pro Audit and Analysis

You get the basic Audit plus these additional data points and an hour of consulting with CEO Jeff Stanislow to go over the recommendations!

  • Site Audit
  • Position Tracking
  • On Page SEO Checker
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link Building
  • Ad Builder
  • Content Analyzer
  • Organic Traffic Insights

1. Site Audit

CIM's Site Audit  will provide you with a list of issues that makes it easy to see where exactly a website is struggling. Fixing these issues will help boost the SEO of a website.

Over 120 on-page and technical SEO checks from surface-level issues like duplicate content and broken links, to in-depth analysis of AMPs, HTTPS implementation, correct usage of the hreflang attribute, crawlability and indexability

Flexible settings - domain, subdomain or subfolder crawling. Ability to include/exclude specific pages and audit the desktop or mobile version of a site

On-demand crawling & scheduled auto re-crawls on a daily or weekly basis

High-speed crawler that will process all your pages in minutes, not hours

Awesome UI - big-picture reports with an ocean of data.

2. Position Tracking

Position Tracking (also called rank tracking or SERP tracking) lets you track a website’s daily rankings for a custom set of target keywords. You can set your targeting to watch any specific geographic location and any device type (mobile phone, tablet or desktop). The audit comes with tons of features like tagging, sorting, filtering and exporting reports that make it easy for marketers to find exactly what they’re looking for in their website’s SEO or PPC performance.

Ability to track any keyword and domain 
Track and compare multiple geographic locations or device types in a single project
Featured Snippet report to look for featured snippet opportunities
Easy local SEO tracking and local competitor discovery
Simple PDF reporting to share results with colleagues and clients

3. On Page SEO Checker

On Page SEO Checker offers a complete and structured list of things you could do to improve the ranks of pages on your website. You’ll receive on-page SEO ideas, semantically related words to include on your pages, target content length and readability, and backlink prospects. Our precise optimization ideas are based on the top 10 real-time competitors for each of your target keywords.

User-friendly interface and workflow for beginners
Easy to find low hanging fruit when importing data from other sources (Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Organic Research, Position Tracking, Excel file)
Clear prioritization of your to-do list based on how to make the most impact in the shortest amount of time
Benchmarking against your rivals in the top-10 results
Ideas to target SERP Features
Idea Tasks report to follow your trend of recommendations over time

4. Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring tracks the online mentions of any word or phrase you wish to track. This makes it easy for PR professionals and brand managers to stay on top of their brand reputation and mentions on blogs and news sites in their niche.

Easy to use mentions feed with filtering, tagging, labeling and more features
Can be used to identify link building prospects
Additional Twitter and Instagram feeds for tracking brand name mentions in tweets
A visual graph to compare the trends of up to 3 tracked words or phrases
Ability to track specific domains for mentions on a daily basis
Integration with Google Analytics to measure traffic from mentions with links

5. Backlink Audit

Backlink Audit looks at your domain’s backlink profile in order to help you avoid Google penalties related to toxic backlinks. The tool provides a workflow to audit all of your links, analyze the toxic signals associated with any suspicious links, send emails to website owners, and ultimately create a disavow file to send to Google.

Filters and sorting to quickly identify all spammy backlinks
Email integration to manually ask website owners for link removal
Ability to create a disavow file and remove your site’s association to any harmful links
“Lost & Found” report to keep track of new and lost backlinks over time

6. Link Building

The Link Building Tool collects a list of link building opportunities for your domain and provides you with a management interface to run an outreach campaign in order to potentially acquire links. Having this report directly makes it easy to run competitive analysis on your SEO rivals and operate an outreach campaign at the same time.

Large lists of outreach prospects based on target keywords and competitors
Built in workflow to manage the outreach process
Automatic contact information retrieval for target websites

7. Content Analyzer

Content Analyzer can tell you how your digital content is performing both on and off your site. The report measures social shares, backlinks, keyword rankings, and even Google Analytics data like sessions and bounce rate. The report has two main functions - auditing your own website content's engagement (Content Audit) and measuring the reach of your off-site content (Post Tracking).

Adjustable content audit table and workflow
SEO visibility trend analysis for external posts
Evaluate referral traffic from guest posts to your domain

8. Organic Traffic Insights Category

Organic Traffic Insights combines your  data all into a single report. This includes data such as click-through rate, sessions, and volume with organic keywords and rankings found by CIM analyse. Organic Traffic Insights helps you better understand what is happening on your website and improve your SEO strategies based on traffic statistics. Trying to plan out an optimized SEO campaign can be incredibly difficult if you aren’t aware of your keyword portfolio.With data you can trust, it's easier to adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. Getting data on those “not provided” keywords can give you that extra edge to help pass your competitor’s rankings.

All-encompassing dashboard to monitor a website’s organic search performance
Identify the keywords labelled “not-provided” by Google Analytics
Desktop, mobile, and tablet analysis
Geographic traffic analysis