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I Commit to Use My Digital Marketing Powers for the Greater Good.

Digital marketing skills, wielded by an expert, are awesomely powerful. But as Spiderman himself warned: with great power comes great responsibility. It’s not enough to “build great brands” or make a lot of money. I aim to elevate, inspire, and be honorable. 

I Commit to Work with Purpose.

I choose projects that ignite my soul. I live and work in alignment with values that I hold core.

I Swear to Act As a Fiduciary.

I will act as a fiduciary not just for whoever’s paying me but also for anyone touched by my work. I commit to service—to being a trusted advisor who makes people’s lives better.

I Will Lift Others Up.

I will empower future leaders by giving back to others; by sharing my journey and insights; and by mentoring the next generation.

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