Tips and Hints For Employing Storytelling For Content Creation

Storytelling is as old as the human race. However, the way and purpose of storytelling is changing with time. Humans love stories and as a business, you should be able to take advantage of this age long tradition. 

All it takes is a compelling story for people to remember your brand. Yes, fact and figures are important but can be boring. Wrap these statistics in a dazzling story and your investors will do your biddings. 

There’s a lot storytelling can do for your business, two of the most important is creating brand value and creating a deeper connection with your customers. We are not sure of what you intend to achieve but we are sure of how you can employ the storytelling medium for content creation. 

  1. Curiosity Kills The Cat

Your elevator pitch could be more effective if you are able to tap into the curiosity of your audience. Imagine how your audience will react if you start your content with; 

Do you know you are losing close to 40% of your revenue to lack of process management?

Give your audience an inciting incidents, you’ll grab their attention enough to make them commit to your pitch. By throwing a thought provoking statement to your audience, you will be in charge through out. 

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  1. Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic

 A potent tool in the hands of psychologists and therapists. They call it VAK and it’s used in placing an individual or audience in a desired state. 

It’s about placing an imagery into the minds of the audience. Do enough to appeal to the sensory and emotional part of the brain. Allowing it to light up to imagine that it’s truly happening. 

Moving an audience from being passive to being active requires you to be able to pump their adrenaline. Imagine painting an emotional scenario or tragedy, then shifting to the real message. 

  1. Higher Self and Self Preservation

Leveraging on the selfish motives of your brand, or that of the customer could be the game changer in your story telling. 

Why are people spending more thousands on Tesla? Just a message to the higher self. The audience are made to believe they are preserving the planet by going the way of Tesla. You can’t imagine how selfish humans could be. 

Or how self preserving they could be. Appeal to their self-preserving nature, it’s part of being human. 

  1. Decide What Will Be The Internal and External Components

When Stephen King said “Fiction is a Lie”, he was sure if the lie is good enough, it’ll become the truth. What’s the message here? Don’t shoot your audience with raw content, you need the right medium to deliver it. 

Your medium is as important as the story. Even before crafting whatever will be your story, you must have decided what will the latent and obvious elements will be. 

It’s like a newly married husband on a journey, talking to his baby inside the womb back home.

  1. Be Honest!

If you lie, your audience will know and it’ll boomerang on your entire brand. All it takes is one person to spot the lies and everyone else will know. You will be caught up doing damage control. 

Fiction is an essential elements of storytelling. You are permitted to embellish your stories with a level of enthusiasm. Don’t over do it. Attention gotten through dishonesty is usually short lived and leaves a dent on your brand image. 

The last thing you should be known for is dishonesty. 

Creating a memorable, dazzling and engaging story for your business isn’t rocket science. A combination of two or more of these tips is all it takes to get it right with storytelling.