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Being from California which is the tech hub of the US.  Was not sure about having the content come from Ireland.  But, now I have a new respect for that country as a force in Digital Marketing.

San Diego CA
( 5.0/ 5 stars)

Working on adding social media to my marketing services.  Exploring how to help my clients use it in their sales process.  This class on social selling was very good and has opened my eyes up to much more potential.  Especially with Instagram as the clients product is a good fit.

Columbus OH
( 5.0/ 5 stars)

I am so excited to get this course started.  As the director of marketing, I am getting more involved in the digital space.  I believe I will be ready to get better results for my company once I am a Certified Digital Marketing Professional!  Might even make my vendors get certified too, so we are all on the same page.

Detroit MI
( 4.5/ 5 stars)

I am in the sales world and it is shifting so very fast...  Understanding how to use tools and strategies in the digital space has helped me connect with targets in a new way.  Also follow up in a new way!  Thanks.  Melissa

West Palm Beach FL
( 5.0/ 5 stars)

So excited to start the Certified Digital Marketing Professional course next week.  Registered a bit late but ready to go.

Little early for the course review, but the process working with Jeff was really easy.  Answered all my questions and got me set up!   


Gainsville FL
( 5.0/ 5 stars)
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