Global Advisory Council

So how do we know we got it right?

The Industry Advisory Council, representing the world’s largest and most influential digital brands, validates all Digital Marketing Institute course content. By providing expert review and recommendations on a regular basis, the Council ensures that graduates of the Digital Marketing Institute have learned the most up to date digital skills, core competencies and knowledge needed to thrive in their digital careers. 

Industry Advisory Council logos - Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

How The Council Works

Syllabus Validation

The Industry Advisory Council validates the syllabus which ensures graduates of the Digital Marketing Institute have learned the latest tools and techniques from the world’s largest and most influential digital brands. The Council supports syllabus content by preserving its technical accuracy, clarity and continued relevance. 

The purpose of the Industry Advisory Council is to validate the syllabus content for Digital Marketing Institute programmes and provide expert recommendations.

Industry Advisory Council members
Industry Advisory Council meeeting

Setting Skill Agendas

The Industry Advisory Council works with the Digital Marketing Institute to set the skills agenda and address the global digital skills shortage. The Council also provides input into digital marketing job role requirements by helping to define the up-to-date knowledge, skills and competencies required to build the global digital economy. 

Once defined, the Council ensures that the Digital Marketing Institute syllabus content is refined to meet the digital economy’s most in-demand digital needs and skillsets.