About Chief Internet Marketer

USA based with a network of digital professionals globally

Founded in 2011, as an integrated, innovative, and interactive online marketing Agency by advertising and marketing specialist, Jeff Stanislow, CIM represents a collection of dedicated, diversified, and accomplished professionals. Each CIM associate has more than 15 years of experience working with growth-minded individuals and companies.

Today Chief Internet Marketer recognizes that mastering the skills of the industry is crucial to the success of any marketing effort. These digital marketing skills can provide growth in market share, products offerings and customer relations, all of which ultimately lead to growth in revenue.  Through comprehensive professional services, CIM provides demanding and valuable courses supporting the needs of digital marketers. Our business clients rely on Chief Internet Marketer to keep them on the cutting edge providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Because success in understanding all aspects of digital marketing requires a comprehensive skill set, as well as a commitment to continuous education over time, we provide only the highest quality content available. Chief Internet Marketer becomes a significant asset to you and any marketing team to ensure future success. 

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality digital marketing services that support sustainable growth for our business clients.

Vision Statement

To create the next generation of value-driven Digital Marketing Solutions with skills to make it happen.

CIM Benefits

  • Combined 50+ Years of Digital Marketing Experience
  • Proven Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Current and Continually Updated Accreditations
  • Complimentary Consultations