How to Enhance the Value of Your Products through Digital Marketing

How to Enhance the Value of Your Products through Digital Marketing

Walter Landor said something that you may find interesting. He said’ “Products are
made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind”. Every company knows
the value of the products they are selling. Your manufacturing team worked their
backs trying to bring these products to life. After considering factors such as your
production cost, they set the price of the product. Consumers out there do not
know what happened behind the scenes. They also cannot place a value for your
product by ordinary means. All they see is your product on on a shelf with many
other similar products. They want to buy but they have to decide which is valuable
enough to be chosen. Digital marketing is what is needed to compel such
customers. That’s why many brands require your services as a digital marketer.
What Product Value Means

The value of many products from the consumer’s concept, is how they perceive
your product or service. In other words, your consumers’ perception is what
determines the value of your product. Many consumers may not have the
opportunity to try out every product before making a choice. Their decisions are
most times hinged on the digital marketing strategy applied. That means, creating
the perceived value of a product is almost entirely the job of a marketer.
Digital marketing has created an opportunity for people to have access to variety.
Buyers of today are not ready to settle for just anything. They are now more
mindful of what they buy. They want to purchase the most valuable product online;
after all, there are many alternatives. That’s where you come in as a digital
marketer; offering them what they cannot resist.
How to Enhance the Value of your Product

Let’s begin by stating clearly that enhancing the value of your product does not

include deceiving your consumers. Perhaps there is a need to define the term’
“value enhancement”
Product enhancement refers to changes or processes required to improve a
product or service in order to increase its value. Large number of your consumers

would complete their buying process digitally. Digital marketers may be the only
link btween the consumers and the products.
Now, how do you achieve this?
 Provide Good Info And Product Descriptions.
The fact still remains that most customers complete their buying journey digitally. If
you want such customers to actually buy your products then you should provide
them with all the information they need. The product information provided must be
adequate. You must be careful not to miss out important details. It should answer
as many questions as possible. This factor can make your product stand out
amongst others. It would increase your customers' perception of the value of your
 Appealing Promotional Messages
The content of your messages are very important. Marketing requires you to
convince people. Your message must be simple and clear to every consumer. Do
you know that sometimes people do not buy what they actually need? Some
consumers have bought some products they did not need. They were compelled by
messages that appealed to them. Your campaign messages can boost your sales.
Appealing messages can also increase your consumers’ perception of your product
or brand.
 Well-Tailored Marketing To Target Customers
When you market your product to the wrong set of consumers, the value
decreases. For instance, you cannot market waist trainers in a social media
platform that consists of mostly males. This may work if they want to buy gifts for
their female partners. You would agree that the best place to market is to the actual
consumers. Your product is only valuable when it is assessed by actual consumers.
 Convenient Payment Channels
Consumers are most likely going to buy a product they can pay for without too
much stress. Your payment options need to be flexible to meet as many consumers
as possible.

 Customer Relations
How well is the consumer service team working? When people contact you for
enquiries, how accessible are you? In addition to that, emails, social media
comments and phone calls must be handled carefully. Responses must be prompt,
very polite and helpful. Your marketing does not end at posting compelling
 Branding and Packaging
How user-friendly is your website? Your customers need to be able to navigate
through your site with ease. The quality of the images of your product also matters.
You cannot market food or clothes with poor quality images and expect good
results. A lot of attention must be paid to quality and standard when marketing
products. If you can’t market with quality, how possible is it that your brand offers
quality? Low quality will leave your customers counting the value of your product.
 Customer Reviews And Feedback
Customer reviews help to enhance the value of your products. It’s possible you are
asking, how do I control my customers’ reviews? Some marketers use the review of
customers as part of their marketing strategy. Willing customers can post messages
about their experience while using your product. where customers post negative
reviews, you must be prompt to give a satisfactory response. You may apologise,
offer an alternative or quickly refute the claims if it is false. People are reading
about your product and you have to stay ahead of the game so they can read the
right thing.
 Integrity and Maintaining Standards.
Customer's value products of high quality and integrity. When you market, do not
deceive your customers. Deception will only win you temporary sales but loyal
customers will be won by integrity. Embellishing your product is not a crime but
telling lies to embellish your product is not advisable.
 Promotions, Discounts And Rewards

Promotions and sales discounts have helped to direct customers' attention to some
products. Some customers value products based on the price. Some people prefer
expensive products, some prefer less expensive products. Your pricing strategy
depends on your target consumers. Regular promotional packages, sales discounts
do not only attract sales but increase the value of your product. Rewarding loyal
customers with gifts like coupons and extra products also improves their
perception of your product.
 Adopt Customers; Views
You need to listen to what your consumers are saying about your product. Read
their online feedback, use questionnaires and sample opinions. Customers value
products that value their opinions. You must know what they really need. Your
product needs to be able to meet your customer's needs.

The totality of this is hinged on one thing: giving your customers a good experience.
Every digital marketing strategy should be aimed at enhancing customers'
experience. Customers usually value products they enjoy buying and using.