Digital marketing trends for 2020

The world as it is today has completely gone digital. Yet, a great number of people have still a lot to learn about the details in this field and the benefits you can gain by incorporating your business ideas in a full package.

So, let us be the first to gouge the 2020 trends of the digital world!

The benefits of digital marketing are directly linked to how you use digital channels to promote your products and services to your potential customers.

Know the Digital Marketing Channels Advantages

First, you have to start by recognizing digital marketing channels:

  • Search Marketing (SEO)
  • Search Marketing (PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Display
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Analytics

digital marketing channels

1. Search Marketing (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the refining of your website for it to be indexed and ranked by search engines and the leveraging of links from other sites. SEO is known as the best method of organic search, which means appearing according to natural search results, without payment.

The benefits of high listing position in organic search for business:

  •       Increased engagement
  •       Increased click-through
  •       Increased conversions

The benefits of high listing position in organic search for your reputation:

  •       Increased visibility
  •       Enhanced reputation
  •       Market leadership
  •       Credibility and status
  •       Competitive advantage

SEO is an ongoing dynamic process that involves steps, reviews, and iteration. SEO is comprised of these five fundamental steps: set clear goals, do on-page optimization, identify your keywords, do off-page optimization, analysis and iteration.

To implement SEO, you need to understand its two main aspects:

  •       On-site optimization
  •       Off-site optimization

On on-site optimization, it is important to focus your attention more towards:

  •       How your site is structured
  •       Your code structure
  •       Code analysis
  •       Sitemap
  •       Keywords
  •       Title tags
  •       Alt-tags
  •       Meta-tags
  •       URL’s
  •       Headings
  •       Site content

Regarding off-site optimization, it is important to focus your attention more towards:

  •       Inbound linking
  •       The importance of growth related to content marketing
  •       External linking

Also, you should also consider optimizing your meta-tags, content, keywords, site supports.

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2. Search Marketing (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – involves methods, skills, and knowledge to implement as well as manage your search advertising campaigns. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the advertising model of revenue, which has been adopted by search engines, therefore, as an advertiser, you only pay when a user clicks on an ad.

Through PPC you will benefit:

  •       Advanced keyword research and section skills as well as apply these tools to Adwords campaigns,
  •       Analyze current research marketing activity, and
  •       Target campaigns to key audience groups to enhance, in most cases improve, click through rates.

Strong ad copy is crucial in this field. You will benefit in the way how you manage your budget for Adwords campaigns and in the possibilities of measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

PPC strategy will help you in filling the gaps in areas where the organic search results encounter shortcomings. At the same time, visibility in search results is within your control budget.

The following are important factors to consider during your Search Marketing (PPC):

  •       Ad relevance and quality score
  •       Keyword management
  •       Campaign settings
  •       Unique selling propositions (USPs)
  •       CTA (Effective Call-to-Action)
  •       Ad extensions
  •       Split testing
  •       Effective landing page

PPC is highly accountable, therefore, budget spending is measurable and transparent. You only pay for the clicks generated.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, using email to communicate with current and potential customers.

Key benefits of email marketing include:

  •       Getting in touch with subscribes in the most cost effective way
  •       Generation of higher traffic volumes to website

In the traditional marketing world, the equivalent to email marketing is direct mail, printed newsletters or regular advertising in subscription magazines.

4. Digital Display

Digital Display Advertising is another direct marketing form and sales promotion using the internet to deliver marketing messages to attract customers. It appears on web pages, in a box at the top or bottom, or on either side of the page - called banner advertising.

Benefits achieved through Digital Display Advertising:

  •       Control – the capabilities to target and measure lead to better ROI, focus, and less wastage
  •       User responsive – the ability to generate conversions, as well as online and offline responses
  •       Integration (online) – used to integrate the other aspects of the digital marketing mix (i.e., display drives social media)
  •       Integration (offline) – campaigns (TV, Radio, Print)

A well-structured Digital Display campaign will have a significant impact on raising brand awareness, which will directly influence your:

  •       Branding
  •       Engagement
  •       Direct Response
  •       Social Media Integration
  •       Lead Generation
  •       Conversions/Sales

5. Social Media Marketing

The process of gaining attention or traffic through social media platforms and websites is referred to as Social Media Marketing.

It is very beneficial for businesses as it offers companies the opportunity to reach out as well as communicate with existing and potential customers through informal channels. If executed properly, Social Media Marketing offers a more cost effective and an efficient marketing channel.

The most important social media channels:

  •       Facebook
  •       Twitter
  •       LinkedIn
  •       YouTube
  •       Google+
  •       Yelp!
  •       Instagram
  •       Pinterest


Among the most important advantages of social media marketing include:

  •       Brand Recognition Increase
  •       Brand Loyalty Improved
  •       Higher Conversion Rates
  •       More opportunities to convert
  •       Increased Brand Authority
  •       Inbound Traffic Increase
  •       Lowering of Marketing Costs
  •       Higher Search Engine Rankings
  •       Better Customer Experiences
  •       Improved Customer Insights

social media

6. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing uses mobile devices to disseminate advertising or promotional messages to the targeted customers through wireless networks. It is one of the strategic approach to generating engagement and value.

The most important benefits of mobile marketing include:

  •       Rank in mobile search – SEO
  •       Interact – Social Media/ Geo-tagging
  •       Advertise – PPC & Display
  •       Sell – Mobile Site/ App/ mCommerce
  •       Communicate – Email/ SMS

7. Analytics

Analytics is the measuring and monitoring of customer responses to a campaign across all digital marketing channels. Analytics enables key insights about the volume and type of actions that the customers carry out online regarding marketing initiatives.

Study your common Analytics tools such as: Google Analytics, StatCounter, and Omniture among others. These tools make it possible to get tracking and measuring data of the Search Traffic as well as detailed metrics and traffic sources, goals completed, the content assessed, the referring websites and keywords used.

You can also get analytics by using different SEO software, like: Moz Analytics, Advanced Web Ranking, Ahrefs, WordStream, or Google Webmaster Tools.


Digital Marketing is exactly a continuous growing cycle:

  •       It connects you with consumers on the internet
  •       It generates higher conversion rates
  •       It saves you money
  •       It enables real-time customer service
  •       It connects you with the mobile consumer
  •       It helps generate higher revenues
  •       It delivers higher ROI from your campaigns
  •       It keeps you at par with competitors
  •       It can help you compete with large corporations
  •       It prepares you for the internet of things
  •       Through personalization and in-tune content, digital marketing is completely “consumer driven”

Last but not least – it gives you an easy way to connect with influencers within your target market.

If you don’t focus your attention on Digital Marketing and its advantages, your competitors will. The sooner you start the less you have to lose.