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Take digital marketing certification to next level industry validation with Chief Internet Marketer since our license with the DMI maintains global certification standards with more qualified graduates in digital marketing education, than any other certification organization.

Chief Internet Marketer and the DMI collaborate with prime global brands and agencies to develop curriculum so students receive best industry accredited tutorial. Courses range from Professional, Specialist, Expert and Masters education programs delivered online byChief Internet Marketer’s North American license.

Digital Marketing Certifications include a variety of course content ranging from Mobile, Social Media Marketing and Digital Strategy.If taking exams in Rhode Island, please be sure to bring along requested identification, references and relevant materials.

Available exams at RIRAL Testing Center

Digital Marketing Certifications covering a variety of aspects of Digital Marketing, from a foundation courses in Digital Marketing to more specialized areas, such as Mobile, Search and Social Media Marketing and Digital Strategy.

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Online Digital Marketing Certification

Separate yourself from other digital marketers

Got the new job opportunity? Or a promotion is available? Who do you think will get it. You or someone else? Some of the deciding factors is not only what you have done but how you are prepared for the future. A digital marketing certification will differentiate you from the competition and validate your skills.

Promote yourself by investing in yourself

Investing in yourself is important to digital marketers. Today’s professionals need to continuously work on their skills. It is important to stay current in best practices for Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Email Communications, and more. Getting certified through courses at Chief Internet Marketer is an excellent way to invest in yourself and stay on top of your game.

Lead the next generation of digital marketers right from Rhode Island

Being an industry leader is hard work. It takes years to gain the proper experience in digital marketing, however with a certification in digital marketing you can ensure that you are at the top of your game, and be a leader in the next generation of skilled professionals.

Address the Digital Marketing Skills Gap in Rhode Island and throughout the globe

Get the skills needed in Woonsocket to address tomorrow's digital marketing jobs

What do we know about the industry of Digital Marketing? It continues to change every day with new opportunities and strategies that can impact your career. The job market will also evolve and we are seeing it today with the demands for stronger analytic skills. Understanding the data behind your digital marketing initiatives is imperative.

Analytics is driving your future too

When it comes to digital marketing, pretty pictures and creative writing is no longer what it takes for success. It is complicated profession now and big data is a driving force. These analytic skills are necessary to drive successful digital campaigns. Getting certified as a digital marketing professional gives you the skills needed now and in the future.

Big Data is a big opportunity for digital marketers who get it

EWant to be the go to digital marketer? Understanding big data and implementing campaigns based on analytics is needed to execute successful digital marketing campaigns. The opportunities for professionals to stand out are here today. Become a certified digital marketer and become an authority today.

The fluff skills are over, now you need to prove it

Soft skills in digital marketing may have got you to where you need to be today. But the demands of the industry are becoming more technical in nature. You may have heard the term “MarTech” as the two skills of Marketing and Technology are converging, especially in the digital marketing world. Through a professional certification in digital marketing, get those MarTech skills and take advantage of future opportunities.

Over 80 percent who get certified skills get promoted or a raise

Why should you consider getting a digital marketing certification? Over 80 percent of those who obtain this prestigious certification get promoted, a new job, and earn more money. Up-skill today and be ready for the next opportunity in your career.

Time to up-skill or get downsized

The economy is going great now, but, as we know it can change. A professional digital marketing certification is a great way to up-skill and continue to grow your career even in down economy. Those who don’t invest in their profession could be on the outside looking in before you know it.

Best way to take the digital marketing exam at RIRAL Testing Center

The exam at RIRAL Testing Center is proctored so it will be you and no life lines

When taking your digital marketing certification, you must be ready. The exam is difficult, long, and proctored. This means you will be at one of our testing centers and there will be no shortcuts like having another computer to look things up! Or having another person take our help you with your exam.

Spend a lot of time in the practice areas to get the feel

The professional digital marketing course offers quizzes and practice exams. Take them, and make sure you spend the time to master these prior. They will give you an idea and feel for the exam itself.

Collaborate with cohorts if you connected with any during your class

When you are going through your professional course. You may connect with others to collaborate and share thoughts and ideas. This is an excellent way to ensure success. Also, be sure to connect with these others as they maybe a resource for you throughout your career.

Get plenty of rest the night before

The exam is difficult and about three hours. So, make sure that you are prepared and get plenty of rest the night before. Like other exams you have taken, it is always better to be rested so your mind stays fresh and your body can handle the stress which may naturally happen.

Make sure you have proper credentials and materials like a Rhode Island ID

On the day of the exam, it is important that you have the proper credentials including your testing codes and proper identification that matches you! When you sign up for the exam you will be given more details on the materials needed.

Certification exams can be stressful but get the right mindset

Taking the professional digital marketing exam can be stressful. However, if you are prepared it will go much better. Remember some of the basics like arriving early, having the proper materials, and getting a good night of rest. Once you have completed the exam you want to feel like you have done everything you can to ensure a passing score!

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