TechSEO Boost

Event Highlights

Boston , MA US

Start Date: December 04, 2019
End Date: December 05, 2019
TechSEO Boost

Event Description

The Industry’s First Technical SEO Conference

Maximize Website Visibility and Performance through Advanced Technical SEO

With events dedicated to nearly every vertical, interest, and trend, the list of marketing conferences is endless.
What type of conference won’t you find? A technical SEO conference that challenges even developers and code jockeys.

With TechSEO Boost, Catalyst has changed that!

TechSEO Boost 2019 is the first industry event 100% dedicated to technical SEO. Featuring world-class speakers and loads of networking time, this is the conference for you if you’re looking to up your technical SEO game.

Attendance Lottery
TechSEO Boost is 100% FREE. Yes, you read that right. Free.
We believe in making it easy and affordable to access advanced technical SEO content. There are no hefty ticket fees or registration costs, but there is limited space for in-person attendance.

This year we’ll be using a lottery system to determine in-person attendance for both days. You only need to enter once and you’ll be included in every round of the lottery. Below is the notification timeline to learn if you’ve won a pass:

ROUND 1: Enter before August 1st, notified on August 2nd
ROUND 2: Enter lottery by August 2nd, notified on September 30th
ROUND 3: Enter lottery by October 1st, notified on October 31st

In the first two rounds, you will only receive a notification if you have won. If you have not won in the 1st or 2nd round, you will be automatically entered into the next round. If you have not won by the 3rd round, you will be notified that you have not won and will receive a link to the free livestream.

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