5 of the Best Content Ideas To Beat Your Competitors On a Budget

5 of the Best Content Ideas To Beat Your Competitors On a Budget

Being on a low digital marketing budget isn’t uncommon among businesses, especially start-ups. There’s a way around it; either you frame your contents for maximum traffic or choose the right content for maximum effects. The two strategies are perfect but we’ll focus on the best content when on a budget. Let’s dig right into it :)

Stimulate Their Visuals with Infographics and Gifographics

More than text, human process and remember visuals better. 

It’s part of our human nature to be naturally stimulated by visual data. 90% of the information stored in the human brain is visuals. The brain is quite receptive to visuals than texts. 

Being on a budget, you don’t have to invest too much. Just provide your audience with a bit of visual and link it to your CTA. 

Check Canva, Infogram, Venngage, and Piktochart. These are free tools for creating infographics. 

Learn The Skill of Curation

We all love Buzzfeed, it thrives on skillfully sieving other’s content and providing their audience with what is relevant. 

Creating original content consistently is driven by time, effort, patience and resources. All of which you may not have as a business. To be frank, you don’t really have the financial resources. 

Let’s assume you are even creating your own original content, curation can come handy. You are adding value to yourself with the resources of other in a skillful manner. 

One this is that; you can’t give your audience all they need. However, these people are in search of a one-stop-shop for their needs. Curation helps you become that one-stop-shop, which the competition isn’t. 

Let Your Customers Create The Content

You must have heard of user-generated content (UGC). Imagine the value that could be added to your business if hundreds of your customers provide you with contents. 

It’s all about making your customers into your best marketers. 

What you are not aware of is that they love it when then provide you content. It means that they matter to you. 

Lucky you, if your customers are Millenials. They are always on board with User Generated Contents. The issue is this; millennials won’t make a decision without a glimpse of User Generated Contents. 

You now see what you are doing? User Generated content help you make sales and build trust at the same time. 

Slideshare: Re-Package, Re-Purpose, and Re-Publish Old Contents

The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing 

This is a goldmine many are not giving a thought. Stop sitting on this goldmine, it’s time to dig into it. 

Slideshare can provide you with an enormous amount of traffic, leads and SEO authority if properly implemented.

The beauty of Slideshare is that you never have to create new content, just re-purpose, re-package and re-publish your old content.  

Slideshare allows you to get the highest benefit from the limited time of content creation. Check through your content archives, those that are long dead can be revived through SlideShare. 

Listicles Works…

This is a secret most women’s magazines have known for years. 

Create content that says “Top 5”, or Best 5, it really works. Look at the topic of this article. That’s why you are reading this, you need 5 of all the ones that work. 

Your audience doesn’t have the time to be sieving through a long list. Give them something that is concise, precise and incisive. They’ll never stop coming. 

Don’t stop creating the list, create more list and keep updating your listicles. Just ensure you are meeting a need and providing value. 

Final Words…

In all you are going to be doing, ensure that your contents are engaging, educative and most importantly, entertaining.