Getting PPC Wrong

Getting PPC Wrong

What You Are Getting Wrong With PPC and How To Fix It

Let’s not sugarcoat it, your Pay Per Click campaigns isn’t making you any money and
you are looking for a fix. True, if you are able to get it right with PPC, it’s one of the
most effective medium of growing your business. Those on the other side of the
fence will rant about how stressful and frustrating PPC has been for them.
The success story of those who get it right is always the magnet bringing more
people to trying out PPC. Usually, those magnetized by these stories end up with
tales of frustration. There’s a lot they are getting wrong without a knowledge of how
to fix it.

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Want to know what you are getting wrong? Read on.

 Incorrect Targeting = Wrong Audience

Even if you spend your entire marketing budget on PPC with an incorrect targeting,
the results will be ZERO or near ZERO.

You’ve been shooting blanks. Rather, you’ve been shooting at the wrong people. Of
course, they will see the ads but will never take action. It’s not meant for them.
Imagine advertising a Tesla to college kids? Of course, they want one. However,
they lack the purchasing power. Except if daddy or mummy will get them one.

The Fix:

Know your audience and their interest, develop a buyer persona. Imagine you are
audience to determine when, why and who needs the product/services.

 CPL Means Everything To You

Truly, it’s suppose to mean something to you. However, not to the point of
obsessing over it.

Cost Per Lead is just an indicator, never a measure of your PPC success. What
you’ve been doing all this time is letting INDICATOR be the MEASURE of success.
The true scenario is that you can have an excellent CPL without recording any

Look at it this way; your skin might be looking succulent but that doesn’t mean you
are healthy. That’s exactly how CPL works.

The Fix:

Time to jilt CPL and be in love with profitability. Get a CRM into the mix to know
which keywords has the lowest CPL and ROI. It will gulp some effort, but worth it.

 Monitoring and Managing Everything Manually

You see the fix in the last issue, you are probably in such a mess due to manual

Monitoring the performance of your campaign manually will get you in a ditch
sooner or later, if you are not there yet.

You are bound to make errors of budget, tracking and bidding through manual
monitoring. How easy can it be if you are manually monitoring over a dozen PPC

The Fix:

The fix is obvious. PPC requires a level of automation and sophistication. Start with
customized alerts and implement other automated rules.

 Deciding To Go All In Without Split testing

You can’t be doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.
Split testing takes out the guess work that you’ve been doing all along. Data is there
to guide you on what is working and what you should stop doing.

It’s part of what those getting it right with PPC are doing, split testing their ads and
landing pages. Getting it right with split testing means better conversion. With PPC,
you can’t get it right from first attempt, that’s why you need to split test.

The Fix:

Create a different ad set guiding by dissimilar parameters. Tweak and tweak till you
know what’s working.


If you won’t do anything else, ensure you are right with your targeting, tracking and
message. Employ these fixes and see your PPC taking a leap into profitability.

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