B2B Direct Marketing Lists

Having a clear understanding of who your target audience is, is essential in today’s mobile market. Targeting will help you produce more effective products and provide better services. Targeting a specific business type or industry reduces the money you waste on trying to reach a very general and broad audience. Targeting can identity features specific to your product and feature that are not currently working. Targeting also helps your business with things like expanding into new locations and uncovering how your company can be more competitive in the market.Business-to-business B2B direct mail really is different from marketing to consumer direct mail. While you are selling to some of the very same people you might reach with a properly targeted consumer campaign, you're reaching them in an entirely different landscape. One thing to remember is that your target business prospect is busy.  And even more important, business purchasers are rarely spending their own money; unless you are targeting a home based business, so many purchasing decisions must pass through many layers of the company to receive approval to buy mail lists.Email lists can be segmented and streamlined to your campaign, for example, you can target by regional databases, job title databases, industry databases and company size databases. Businesses need to better understand how to set specific goals and analyze their campaigns, so that they can leverage the results to drive sales and retain customers. Campaign Analytics are statistics relating to a marketing campaign. In email marketing, these are typically divided into the following five groups; open rates, delivery/bounce rates, click through rates, unsubscribe rates and conversion rates.Entrepreneurs, start-up owners and even corporate executives are represented in a comprehensive category featured in mailing lists help target segmented populations for campaigns geared toward home-based businesses. As the sophistication of internet-capable technologies continues to grow, so does the number of entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to manage business operations from their homes. Business owners running companies in a variety of industries are looking for computers, mobile technology, office furniture, internet services and other products to enhance productivity for their sole-proprietorship or small business.Companies that provide direct marketing solutions and services are now finding that they must evolve, diversify their services, and compete to retain their best customers while building a complete set of solutions to attract new customers. By adding email, social network and mobile marketing services, more access to technology, integrated data access, analytics and predictive modeling companies have a shot at surviving in this social ocean.Using our data, analytics and technology, you can hone your marketing strategy to:

  • Identify, reach and connect with your target audience.
  • Boost your marketing qualified leads with direct mail and telemarketing lists.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell within your existing customer base.
  • Generate a higher return-on-investment for your marketing dollars.

B2B lists can include industries such as manufacturing, industrial, scientific, research, government, medical, academic and professional audiences. Our Direct mail lists are specific and contain email, telephone and address data for both B2B and B2C markets. Monthly data updating and frequent new list additions provide our clients with a competitive advantage.CIM offers ecommerce solutions that deliver an impact on your brand and ROI. We provide concise data, with key recommendations and strategic insights about pivotal developments in your focus areas. Our vision is to be the most valuable source of consulting intelligence for our customers. Visit www.chiefinternetmarketer.com for a customized B2B email list marketing strategy  that will drive your business forward.