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Customers are connecting with businesses by phone more often than ever before. If you buy or sell calls in the insurance, lending, home services, travel, or education industries, you know how valuable these leads can be. Pay per call programs drive highly engaged leads that convert at 10-15x the rate of traditional web leads and form fills. In a data-driven growth industry that demands high returns at the most efficient cost, the benefits of call-based programs are endless.

But for many performance marketers, running pay per call means facing a number of challenges, from the inability to measure calls to complex campaign and partner tracking that doesn’t scale.You're standing on the edge of a PPC chasm. It's a chasm created by mobile. Today, too many marketers stand firmly on the side of digital -digital forms, digital conversions, digital analytics. 

But across the chasm is a whole new world where marketers are taking a holistic approach to their paid search strategy, because let's be real – paid search has a much bigger influence on consumer behavior than mere click-throughs and form-fills. It's driving store visits and phone calls. 

Knowing the need to integrate inbound phone calls into its digital marketing journey, choose a call racking and analytics platform to collect and integrate call data and voice insights to better understand customer behavior and ultimately optimize both online and offline marketing strategies. Specifically, determine who is calling and what channels drove them to make the call. Strategies can then interpret the outcome of the call, categorize it and determine where the customer is in their journey, whether they are satisfied and what products they use. These insights are then used to optimize marketing strategies through better content creation, segmentation, personalization, testing, targeting and keyword optimization.

Check out this great Info Graphic from Invoca which demonstrates the value of advanced inbound calling strategies.

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