Driving the right message with the right metrics defined to a right audience segment.

Achieving KPIs defined for sustainable growth. Authority Marketing begins with Content. Creating fresh, relevant and useful content is essential for Search Engine and customer demands. Content marketing strategy builds online authority creating value for an organization.

Digital Marketing trends cover:

  • AI: Analytic supernova from consumer behavior and search patterns, to social media data platforms.
  • Programmatic Advertising: Automate ad buying to target more specific audiences.
  • Chatbots: Responsive to customer demands.
  • Personalization: A social touch that matters for content, products and emails.
  • Influencer Marketing: Modern word-of-mouth messaging designed to drive branding to a larger market or desired audience segment.
  • Visual & voice search: Produces more specific results. Get to know Pinterest Lens, Google Lens and CamFindVideo Marketing: instills brand authority to reinforce customer confidence.
  • Social Messaging apps: More than merely emojis to friended pals. Social messaging is powerful in delivering personalization directly.
  • Social Media Stories: A micro-moment for targeted messaging.
  • Micro-moments: “new consumer behavior,” defined by Google, that delivers the marketing message clearly and concisely in a way that is of more interest to the consumers.


The aim of online marketing is to attract more visitors to your website. In a second step, these visitors are converted to potential customers by contacting you via the contact form, on the phone or in chat on the website. We take care of this through the on-site optimization of your website, in which so-called call-to-action is set.


As an online marketing agency from Florida, we stand for safe optimization of your website, compliant with rules and yet very efficient. Combined online marketing campaigns lead to better findability in search engines, which enables us to bring visitors to your company website for specific keywords.


Online marketing encompasses marketing measures on the Internet. With CIM Agency's online marketing, your website will attract more attention and interest. We promise you increased visitor frequencies and higher conversion rates.

CIM Agency offers you a variety of online marketing measures for your website, both to retain existing customers and to attract new customers.

  • Digital Marketing Consultant

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