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Monday's from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM on AM 820 WWBA (also available on FM 98.3).

Live Stream available

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Press Release:

Digital Marketing and entrepreneur Jeff Stanislow launched "The Stanislow Show" on AM 820 WWBA in Tampa Bay.  WWBA is part of Genesis Communications Network and  The new platform will expand Jeff's reach to a larger audience and explore wide-ranging topics focused on positive business news and marketing. 

Jeff's podcast at Chief Internet Marketer currently focuses on digital marketing, while his SMART Video Blog expands into more business.  With the addition of the radio show on 820 AM and FM 98.3, the show will be able integrate not only the subjects but the platforms of digital and traditional media.  "This is an exciting time for me, I have always been intrigued by radio and now I have my own show!"  says, Jeff Stanislow, CEO of Chief Internet Marketer.   "My goal is to help inform my audience on topics like business and marketing, and will be bringing in guests that share that passion,"  added Stanislow.

Stan's Donuts is based on the Jeff's nickname which is "Stan", short for Stanislow.  He is going to send donuts to person or business to enjoy while listening to his show each Monday morning.  "I wanted it to be fun and memorable.  In the marketing business sticky is good, and donuts are definitely sticky" says Jeff.   

Since the stations first sign on in 1972, WWBA 820 has been a pillar in the Tampa Bay area for local programming.  Also the show will be streamed on  For more details and information on the radio show you can visit the website.

Full Press Release on Digital Journal


Call In:   727-587-1040


About 2-3 Minutes Prior to your Slot  (SEE BELOW FOR SCHEDULE)- Also note, there maybe a bit of discussion prior to bringing you on the air to set up the discussion properly.  I appreciate your patience and spending time with me. Jeff


You will talk with our screener.  Let him know that you are a scheduled guest.


Jeff Stanislow Cell if needed 248-705-1320 (call or text) - During the show I will not be able to answer, but, can text only if emergency.




  1. Be on time, also keep track of your time slot for length of discussion.
  2. Be in a good quiet place
  3. Have good signals if mobile.  
  4. Turn the radio down or off
  5. If you wish to tell others the Stations are 820 AM, 98.3 FM, and 96.7 FM
  6. Also, they can listen via Live streaming link at
  7. Recordings may be posted on this site as well, usually within 24-hours.
  8. Speak clearly and enunciate 
  9. Know how you would like people to contact you for more information
    1. Web Site, Social Pages, Email, Phone
    2. You don’t need to share them all, but, maybe one or two of your preferred methods.
  10. Do not:
    1. Use any serous profanity
    2. Slander anyone
    3. Make fictitious statements
  11. Be Yourself, and Have Fun!!!   

Would you like to be a guest?  Contact Jeff

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