Positive Impact

Jeff Stanislow Radio Show (Podcasted during COVID-19)

April 16th, 2020 - AM 820 Radio Tampa Bay - Business and Marketing Show.

Presented by: Chief Internet Marketer and Jeff Stanislow

Today's special podcast features Charity Carollo, the CEO of Positive Impact Empire!

Charity shares her positive outlook and smiles during this challenging time for all of us.  Learn how her mission can help give us all something to be thankful and that being thankful can get us through COVID-19 and anything else that gets in our way!

The mission:

Our Vision is to guide and inspire 7 Billion+ people to “live a life of Positive Impact” through the realization of their passion (unique gift/s), and the pursuit of their purpose (ways to share those gift/s) in service of themselves and their community.

Listen in to our Positive Conversation!

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For convenience the Transcript of the conversation is below as well: