Crisis Management in Public Relations

Jeff Stanislow Radio Show 6-22-2020

Working through a pandemic using Public Relations


Special Guest Host - Maureen Famiano of MEF Media (Actually Interviewing Me!) 

Sit back and listen in carefully on why having a public relations expert interview me about Digital Marketing!

Maureen, CEO of MEF Media  co-hosts the Jeff Stanislow Show now!

Enjoy the show...

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The Host:  Jeff Stanislow, CEO of Chief Internet Marketer

Transcript of the today show:

Good morning, and welcome to the Jeff Stanislow show today. This is Maureen family. Oh no with MEF media. I am the guest co-host today and I'm here and happy to be here as we kind of turn the tables on the back behind the show himself. Jeff Stanislow. He is the chief CEO of Chief internet marketer Jeff. Good morning. How are you today? Good morning, Maureen. Thanks for having my show. Right? That's kind of funny to say right but but it's good that that you have the opportunity to tell people more about what you do because you always give people the opportunity to tell about themselves. It's a pleasure to have you tell more about you. So we'll do a little Q&A here. Here we go. Yeah, I appreciate that. So you've been doing this digital marketing thing for a number of years. Did you get started in this business? I always loved those stories. I was back in kind of head of in Lake mid-nineties 95-96. I was having breakfast with the

With a friend and I was watching this this guy who shows someone on his computer a website and heard listening to him talking about it and I'm like, oh this is going to change everything in the future. And so I reached out to him after the meeting and I said like to talk with them and took a week later. I was working with them building websites and ninety-five ninety-six back in Detroit. So I just really loved it. And I knew it was going to be a big part of the office of our future.

Totally I remember the time to in a newsroom where I said, what's this internet thing? Right? Like what is that and boom the rest is history so good for you for realizing that and getting involved really should get go and then, you know, seeing the wave of the digital space really blowing up. That's crazy. Did you ever think it could become what it's become like when you first kind of dabbled in it off where it's come. Yeah. I mean I was I was a firm believer in the internet and what it could do and the reason why is because I have always been tuned into kind of technology and how things move and this distribution platform the internet that was created. I just knew over time based on the birth suppose of Technology with things, you know, doubling and getting faster, you know, bigger better faster cheaper comes in the door while the other goes out the door that the internet wasn't great wage.

For not only businesses, but also world, you know countries that you know didn't have the resources the physical resources would be able to change due to these I guess the Technical Resources of the internet and so as long reasons why I got involved. I just I just knew was here and it was going to stay and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Yeah, it really really is incredible. So we are talking about a little marketing and that space and we're talking about the internet and web but there's more to it. What else does it include? I think people sometimes have a have a missed understanding of what it could include a lot of times. I mean if you take a look at you know, the internet is a protocol in a protocol delivers information and most people are used to the experience or the user interface or the front end off.

A website provides to them but you know the internet has created so many different opportunities behind the scenes for companies as well. One good example is soft whimper as a service.

So you take a look at what you used to do when you wanted to get you know, a piece of software used to have to get a disc you have to put it in your computer and then you have to download the files to your computer. And then you would open up the application using your computer. So software-as-a-service and the internet is what allows that to happen is where you don't get this anymore you download the application from the internet it installs some code or doesn't install anything and just works from the browser and many situations. So that's probably a really good example of you know, how technology and the internet changes that's not just like a normal kind of website or digital marketing experience.

Yeah, that's that's really interesting. You're absolutely right. We've come so far. What is the biggest change you've seen having done it for, you know twenty five plus years now in the last five years. Is there something that you've been really excited about seeing the change. It's always fun in the industry to say. Oh my goodness, you know, the the most recent really critical change. Is this anything big like that? Yeah. I mean you're having one of the biggest changes to keep an eye on is how 5G is going to impact the speeds at which things can be delivered and the experiences for which we will be able to have and it just kind of be take a look at it. It's you know, right now, we're doing this, you know via Zoom video webcam recording and it works completely fine, but

5G will allow us to do this while we're walking down the street, you know and clear as day. It'll allow us to you know have so much data sent to us so long as that it is real time experiences. So you look at the virtual reality and augmented reality that people have been talking about for five seven years ten years even home and you're going to start seeing that actually come to fruition where you know, though, someone will be able to wear a pair of glasses that overlay your world and can get you a confirmation based on in real time, uh, uh, you know from directions to offer to information on a building history if you want it in real-time that box. So the speed and the connectivity issues of and you have also the aspect of the devices all those are going to change it's not going to happen overnight job.

It's going to be probably five years. You can see some of the I guess the companies like AT&T and Verizon already touting 5G home. It's not five G as in where it's going to be, you know, they're building out infrastructure networks. And what have you but the devices aren't there right now to divorce her on it. The applications aren't there to deliver on it, but they're coming down the pipeline. So that's probably the most exciting thing I've seen in digital is really truly that augmented and virtual reality World Cup happening.

It really is exciting and five years away interesting so much is going to continue to develop toward that so it's it'll be here before we know it for sure. One thing I think is really interesting with what you do in the digital space is you have a unique certificate certification program. Tell us more about that.

So one of the things as I've you know approached my twenty years of digital marketing experiences, you know working towards giving back and having the next generation of digital marketers home, you know, uh provide value and continue to push down below and so part of that is is training and education. So I woke up I am a certified digital marketing professional in partnership with a digital marketing Institute. I have the north of North American license to resell probably would not consider the best digital marketing training on the internet. There's all different types of trainings just like everything in the in the world, right you can go to udemy and for $10 you can watch a training video on you know,

Email marketing you could go to Harvard and do their week extension program with you know for $20,000. So Thursday is probably I feel it gets the most value for you as a certified digital marketing professional by the digital marketing Institute for about $2,000 to thirty years. Of course, you can take it online but you have to take a proctored exam at the end. So you have to show them your driver's license and bring in New Jersey since you know a pencil or whatever it is you want to take notes with but you proved that it is you so there's too much I guess false education That's goes out on the internet. And so there's a good hybrid about it organizations. Like LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Microsoft Coca-Cola Nike these authors

Folks are all part of The Advisory Group which makes up the contents of the course itself that gets delivered. So if you complete the course and becoming a certified digital marketing professional you and Essence have an opportunity to go to work for those types of companies because that's what they're looking for. So I'm excited about the program is amazing good for you with all that you've created with it with the alliances that you've formed around it. So if if somebody's listening who's thinking I need to develop my skills in a new world of the covid-19 situation some still working from home more than they expected to most people but who would be a good person to consider this and what would the value would be after they complete this process?

Anyone who is looking at their career as a digital marketing professional? I think this is right for if it's someone that wants to build a website and learn about digital marketing is probably not the right course for them because it is Dives in the into a lot of information like how to manage a pay-per-click campaign and set up campaigns types of campaigns of which, you know, most people that are kind of like would like to learn more about it and it's not their career probably not the right fit someone that wants to be the chief digital officer at a at a company or you know, some of them wants a head-up digital at an agency. This is a perfect course for them to continue to gain their skills and also creates the authority of the authoritative of the authority that they're looking for in order to back this Pursuit. So, you know you gain

Goes by doing but you can also gain skills by taking these accreditations and helping your career. So that's really who it's targeted for or maybe a small business owner that really thought that living in the the marketing space their companies going digital. They're doing a digital transformation. They need to know enough about it to work with vendors. So that's really important to them as far as understanding and being able to drive the projects to have a good understanding of all those components of the digital marketing campaign.

Sounds terrific Jeff with the 30-hour course, are you in a classroom setting with any of the students or is it all online with question-and-answer options? How does that work?

Repeat that one time work for this class structure for the certification. Is it all online or do you have an interactive component of it?

It's it's all online. I do work with my students to have interaction with them through the course and clear up any questions with them since you know, I'm I'm certified as well. But most of the most of the people that take the course, you know, they have great interaction. They have a great Community built into the into the course of a self that supports the students and has continued ongoing educational efforts so you can go in and watch a seminar that might explain the latest trends in Facebook advertising while you've been trained and understand and certified in Facebook advertising. Obviously. These applications came out new services and products. This is the great continuing education side of things where you you learn the new products, so there's a dog

Action that way that's awesome. Where can people find more information about that certification course. Sure. I just got a courses on my site. It's w w w internet marketing. Awesome Wi-Fi. If a young person might be listening a college student or you know, a 20-something. Why would it be a good idea for them to to consider this aspect of marketing and in the digital space, you know, one of the things that I found and I actually have had to I guess seniors in college go through and in terms of program with me and each of them took the course to help them prepare for their careers in digital marketing and they basically just said that they've taken a digital marketing courses at their colleges, but nothing like this nothing where it's really getting into the Practical applications of running a paperclip campaign or off.

Social media campaign, it's more theory-based top level. And a lot of it has to do with you know, just professors that may you have experience as marketing professors, you know talking about digital marketing they can talk to it from I guess a higher level. Where does it fit in the strategy but not going to get be able to get into the Weeds on building audiences and running, you know campaigns to to understand, you know consumer sentiment inside the social media strategy, so

Yeah, I know you did share with me before your son's having taken this course and they really got a lot out of it. It sounds sounds like a a real big win-win to really get to the end of the month getting into the weeds. Only. I think helps people really fully understand and if it's something that they want to include in their career path or Market themselves as somebody who can provide that to a company having that back skill that back understanding I think can go a truly a long way. Yeah, and you know, it is really important in regards to diving in DP, you know, especially when it comes down to if you're working in the digital marketing capacity, you know your clients or you know, if you're working on on a client side it said they expect you to have these skills sets now and be able to deliver upon them not just you know, someone that knows a little bit about computers is now in charge of birth.

For media campaigns especially if you're you know working with a season the company. I mean, it's one thing if you're working at a small business and that small business is never done a social media campaign, you know, and you gotta subjects up their accounts up and and start but if you're you know serious about digital marketing and you're serious about as a career, you're you know, you're either leading the charge or being part of an agency that has a lot of additional experience and you know, this type of skill-set is what is needed and there's a big skills Gap going off right now and that skills Gap is only going to widen because of the analytical nature of digital marketing and the skill sets that are required to use someone could build a website.

And they were considered web developer digital marketer that is not the case anymore. You know, it is so much more than what it used to be. Now. You have to dive into the antibiotics and answer the questions that you know arise from the data.

Truly well fascinating and and getting the the Deep dive I think goes a long way to really presenting a person as as well versed long has the background and can can share that. I think that's that's really good good for you. Let's talk a little bit about in any industry. We love working with a client's I know you do. Mm. How about some recent wins or your career win that you go back to as I'm so proud that that happened. I hope launch the 50 Cruiser online for Chrysler, right? Yeah. So that's dating myself a little bit. But the PT Cruiser I was part of the launch Team help build the website and help them do all the digital marketing around the launch of the PT Cruiser including online chats, uh with the designers and engineers and Marketing Executives wage.

Chrysler that built the car, so

That's very cool. My neighbor had one like multiple like, you know, every couple of like get another one. So yeah, very cool that and you know from one that was back in a day as I was instrumental in helping Ford Builder SVT, which is their specialty Vehicles team there, uh Ford Cobra and you know, you see the the the trucks today the the SVT special vehicle from Ford so I helped build some of that and as well and that was kind of a month an exciting thing and you know more recently trying to think a little bit here for a second, you know, just starting to give back to the community doing more non-profit work, you know, and it's fulfilling my life in a in a different way, you know helping organizations right now amount of project call log.

Fairness USA, which is launching sometime probably by the end of this month and it's about helping young children and teens, I understand more about the joys of life.

They they understand happiness and they understand Joy from more of a transactional state like, you know, if they're playing baseball, they're happy. You know what I mean? If they're doing this they're happy. But what we're trying to do is explain to them that you know, this joy and happiness is a state of mind that can go with them and stay with them even through tough times as a adolescence, you know, as new challenges that are faced if they're you know, they take a look at social media, you know and bullying and these children and how you know, the the, you know, there's teenage suicides and you know how long these things and a lot of it, you know our goal at awareness USA is to leverage this to help teens and adolescents educate them on the stage.

Mine of being in being joyful and what a really and being happy and so and it goes through all the way to the adults. You know, what is happiness, you know, is it is it financial office is it you know Financial is is is not Joy or happiness. It allows the forms for certain things and how does that impact but wage, you know even people that have resources doesn't necessarily mean they're happy.

True and it might be a really appropriate timing to launch such a program because everybody's looking for you know, what is Joy. What is her passion? What is their commitment? What is their contribution? So terrific sounds like a really good project. I'll be interested to learn more. I guess I'm excited about that if somebody wants to connect with you, how do they do it?

Well, I my website it's probably the easiest www internet marketer.

W w w. Chief internet marketer. And my email is Jeff Chief internet marketer.

And you can always look me up on LinkedIn Jeff stanislaw just do a search and you'll find me and stanislav. Spell the last name just two. People are sure Stan s t e n is is low low, perfect. Well, Jeff good job on your own show. Thanks for letting me thanks for letting me, you know, turn the tables on, you know, people who know you probably learned a little bit because you know, you don't often have the chance to tell about you because you're asking about other people's you know, passions and and their businesses. So so it was fascinating. I learned something. So nice to talk to you good luck great interview. It was fun and and hopefully people will enjoy it and come back on the next show. Have a great day off for this unique idea. I I appreciate it and Maureen it. I mean if media is fantastic and she brings great ideas to people to help them tell stories. So I look forward to age.

Working with you more in the future morning. Absolutely together. We win Jeff. That's my motto, and I think we will. Thank you. Have a great day.

Okay, I will do I let it go for another little bit know we can just sit and meeting I will hitch end and meaning.