8 Simple Ways to increase PPC Ad effectiveness

PPC Ad Tips

If your business is running a pay-per-click campaign and experiencing low click-through rates and conversion rates your ad copy is likely the problem. PPC ads have limited space to work with, so you need to use the available character space wisely to create ad copy that attracts clicks and leads to conversions.

Transforming “OK” ad copy into “Amazing” ad copy will drastically increase your clicks, leading to more conversions and revenue for your business. Here are eight tips to help you improve your PPC ad copy.

1. Highlight Benefits as Selling Points

Highlighting specific benefits about your product or service that consumers view as important will attract a higher click-through rate, especially from consumers that are on the fence. Split-test multiple selling points and find out what ones deliver a better click-through rate and conversion rate. Don’t be afraid to test them all — you might uncover a selling point that really connects with your audience.

2. Eliminate Potential Objections in Your Ad Copy

Ad copy that includes “Guaranteed,” “Top Rated,” “Accredited,” etc. can deliver an instant level of comfort. If a potential objection the consumer may have is eliminated right away because of the ad copy it will help increase the click-through rate. Because the objection is eliminated it will result in a high percentage of clicks turning into conversions.

3. Write Ad Titles That Command Attention

Your ad title is the first thing a potential website visitor will see. A title that commands attention is going to trigger a click, while a poor title will be overlooked. You could have an amazing product or service but potential customers will never know unless your ad jumps out and grabs their attention.

4. Use Special Characters

Many companies use trademark symbols (®, ©, ™) to legally protect their brand, but they are also a great addition to ad copy for pulling higher click-through rates. Ads that use these symbols really stand out and they will usually always have better click-through rates than ads without them. They also perform exceptionally well for mobile PPC ad copy. Note: only use these marks if you have filed the correct documents and actually own the mark.

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