PPC Best Practices

Best Ways to use PPC

The PPC Industry is dynamic and maximizing performance is an art.

Conventional barometer includes:
 Keep it fresh
 Fast and simple
 Easy to implement
 Useful for a range of ad channels
 Keep it white hat
Keep current of hacks, but make it worthy not risky.

Retargeting by long tailwords
Audiences that visit a website might not convert. Actually, that audience arrived using a keyword, that
indicates interest, but now how to leverage that interest. To retain and maximize that interest, make
sure the next ad or content item is related to the search keyword or landing page. A simple tactic is to
create a list of retargeted users.
Create segment list based on search clickers by using this formula: UTM_campaign = xxx
Target specific clickers with ads that answer queries

Next Level Lookalikes
"Lookalikes" are a feature that allows seed list expansion by reaching an untapped audience having
similar interests or attributes to existing audience. Lookalikes are available on major networks as
Google and Facebook and a powerful tool to reach and build new audiences, scale campaigns and
achieve improved ROI.

Meet Emojis
More than cute punctuation, emojis have become an almost requisite communications tool in online
marketing. Recent surveys have shown that use of emojis lowered drop-off rate and improved
satisfaction. Emojis can be used in PPC to stir emotions, rivet attention and communicate the message in
a fun instant way. For best performance consider creating a signature logo emoji.

Reverse Engineer Conversion Funnels
Performance should equal conversions. Analyze the user's journey in the PPC funnel, then look for
ways to increase engagement with ads or landing page content. If there is pleasant engagement at
desktop but contrary at mobile, adapt the interactive element to a more suitable mobile format.
Leverage actions in differing layers to increase conversions.

Change Landing Pages for Audience Types
Tying ad messaging to landing pages seems perfected goal, but can it be realized at scaling. Customizing
a landing page across varied search terms can craft a more targeted message. Adjust the landing page
title or serve varied images targeted to specific audiences. Thusly by presenting a precisely optimized
landing page to optimum audience that should boost conversion rates.

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