Top Trends in PPC

Trends in Pay Per Click

Paid Search Audiences v. Keywords
Although keywords will remain essential, using audience targeting on the search network will be as
worthy for performance.
Industry pundits compare best-in-class versus average efforts and the differential will be how audiences
are segmented via audience targeting strategy -- whether time best spent focusing on optimizing
audience values. Customizing and personalizing the message tends to have extra relevancy to

Automation v Human Intelligence
PPC automation benefits most when campaigns are designed to assist favorable algorithms. This means
a focus on relevant content, identifying best audience/ keywords and accurate conversion
measurement. Repetitive tasks as tracking and reporting can now be automated freeing time for more
focus on optimizing target audience
The contest is to determine best PPC expertise process to leverage competition.

Diversified PPC Spend
Is 2019 boom time for top ecommerce brands because of greater personalization precision audience
 Amazon: Expected to continue trends streak with Sponsored Product Ads as key strategy for
successful PPC.
 Bing: Testing local that display available nearby stock to drive-in store visits.
 Facebook: Improved ads that include an instant storefront template that can automatically
generate video content.
 Pinterest: Users can buy directly from a product pin with pricing and available inventory.
 Google: Mobile matters most with local catalog ads featuring in-store inventory and pricing with
optimized mobile view.

Leveraging Automation
Keeping current of trends plus onpoint strategy matters. Trending automation requires developing fresh
skills for new-market analysis, cross-market strategy and awareness of competitor strategies.
Automation tools will ease troubleshooting and metrics analysis to spare more time for marketing and
content development.

Cross Channel Advertising
Multi-channel and cross channel experiences will require more focus to optimize and realize equivalent
results across device usages. Tracking and analyzing usage and results remain essential.
What attribution matters most
 Understanding customer needs
 Understanding where to apply market spend
 Justifying marketing budget
 Optimizing campaign performance

Ads, videos and remarketing
Content and message cohesion remain essential. Layering messaging headlines means refined content
for optimization. Leveraging video budget or YouTube placement remains beneficial for increasing
placement on search engaging result pages, while video has emerged as top mobile content.
Remarketing is trending because of increased conversion ratio.

Brand Building
Although platform trends and tactics vary, a focus on marketing brand affinity and loyalty remains
conventionally essential.

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