Content and Customer Experience With SMS

How SMS can help your Content and Experience with Customers

Texting is today's preferred medium trend. Industry reports indicate that open rate for SMS can be a
staggering 90% within three minutes.

 Leverage SMS for appointments and reminders. Fewer cancellations mean more optimized
company operations. Reminder messaging can also include other branded messaging.

 Allow customers to text inquiries. Spontaneity matters and provides more personalized

 Text upsell opportunities. Texting allows the chance to upsell organically that also refines and
reinforces messaging. Upsell also leverages other tailored sales approach for personalized

 Get customer feedback with SMS. Emails tend to get lost, instead create short, simple snappy
customer service responses. Using Messenger can also improve open rates and response ratios.
Using SMS for feedback can be a no-brainer.

 Problem solve via SMS. Quicker and personalized. The simple immediacy can also reinforce
trust and authority.

Keep current and learn of new tech tools. A new platform called Podium gets everyone on the same
page internally and ensures that the messaging experience remains cohesive. The Podium system
consolidates all of your text interactions into one dashboard that’s easy to navigate and manage, just
like an email inbox.

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