Content Optimization Checklist

Content Optimization Checklist

This guide contains all of the essential steps you should take to
optimize your content for keywords and UX signals.


Title Includes Target Keyword (Once)
Target Keyword Placed Towards Beginning of Title
Keyword Placed in First 100 Words
Keyword Included in H1 Tag
Keyword Included in H2 Tag
Keyword Appears in First Image’s Alt Text
Keyword Included in URL
URL Is Short
Keyword Appears At Least 3x
Keyword Included in Last 150 Words
Content is At Least 1500 Words
Content Has At Least 5 Images


Title Tag Includes a Number (Optional)
Title Tag Uses Brackets or Parentheses (Optional)
Title Tag Mentions Current Year (Optional)
Title Tag Includes At Least One Power Word
Title Tag Has Strong (Positive or Negative) Emotional Sentiment
Title Tag Is Between 50-60 Characters
Description Tag Contains 1-2 Power Words
Description Tag Contains Target Keyword
First Sentence of Content Is Above the Fold
My Content Has a Sticky Intro
My Content Includes a Subheader for 200 Words of Content
My Content Includes LSI Keywords