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Meet Sara!  A Content Marketing Story

By our friends at Content Viking

Sara is a successful content marketer who painstakingly built her career through years of hard work. Today she has a meeting with a prospective client, and a promising one at that. About five minutes in, the following exchange takes place.

“My last campaign boosted my client’s average session duration by a full minute. A minute! Per article! That’s pretty great, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is. So, let’s talk about–“

“Oh, and on the campaign before that, I doubled conversion rates for a client that hadn’t seen growth in months. Wanna know how I did it?”

“Ok, why not?”

“Content, my friend. Content. Oh, and tons of social media promotion.”

“That’s great. Speaking of content, I was wondering if we could talk about my upcoming–“

“Yeah yeah, your upcoming thingamawhatsit. I’ve got a system that will take care of it all. Seriously, I spent a long time perfecting my methods, and they totally work. All we have to do is plug in a few pieces of information and you’ll be rolling in likes and shares and upvotes.”


“Did I mention the CTR increases for my last three clients? Let me find that chart real quick…”

“Uh-huh, ok. I’m gonna grab a coffee while you do that.”

“Oh, sure, sounds great. You know, I have a secret to making really good coffee. You need to grind the beans by hand, you see, and then–“

All right, enough of that. This snippet of conversation is a mildly exaggerated version of the “look at me” approach taken by some content marketers. These people spend their days staring dreamy-eyed at career successes and thinking of ways to use that information to sell their skills to new clients. As astute readers will have noticed, though, this approach leaves out one crucial part of the equation:

The client. Oops.

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Get Certified as a Digital Marketing Professional and learn more about Content Marketing!  But here are some high-level tips!

1.  Understand that Content Marketing is important and broad.  

2.  Identify the resources available for content marketing

3.  Content needs to resonate with your targeted audience

4.  Understand where content fits in your sales funnel and buyers journey

5. Know you can repurpose content that is "Evergreen".

6. Build a content marketing plan and schedule

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Photo by Daniil Lobachev on Unsplash