Marketing your Content

Content matters. Keeping up with latest trends might matter more for optimizing impact.

Content Marketing and AI
AI is already impacting content marketing with many fluid trends ahead. Although powerful AI
technology exists, its also not that accessible yet. Most anticipated significant strides are expected with
analytics and machine learning, as such will free time and efforts for more targeted marketing strategy.
AI data can also build powerful, highly targeted audience segments, that will be impetus to create more
personalized content.
 The need for actual Content Strategy
 Editorial calendars also require strategy that should include:
 Setting goals. Aim to reach more business goals such as lead generation, traffic and conversions
via website, blog and email and social campaigns
 Establishing KPIs (key performance indicators) for measuring your content marketing ROI.
 Audience segmentation for popular trends with personalized content.
 Content repurposing strategy
 Content curation strategy
 Altered strategies for the spectrum of customer acquisition channels

Readying Content for Voice Search
Increasing popularity of Apple’s Siri, or Google Home and Amazon Alexa, voice search will thrive. Some
industry gurus believe that as many as half of all online searches will be voice searches by 2020. It also
means content will need to be optimized for voice search. Content will need to ready the featured
snippet – the short blurb that sometimes appears at the top of Google search result that answers search
query – and know which searches result in featured snippets.

Collaborating with Influencers
A newly synthesized collaboration will be having influencer create content for personal or corporate
brand channels.This leverages advantages for brands, that can boost credibility, traffic and followers.
Example: if a company sells food products, have popular chefs share recipes on company blogs – that
will likely attract a foodie audience, to leverage for other company products.

Creating diverse content for a greater audience share
Content marketing isn;t merely social media and blogs, it’s marketing videos, email and SMS campaigns
and trending podcast channels. Its become cohesive to have a presence on multiple channels and also
diversify content for various segments of your audience. Podcasting is currently trending to expand
audience specific content. Interactive AR lenses are also trending, think of tourism impact.
To ensure onpoint strategy, leverage AI, optimise content for voice search, leverage diversified content
and create unique collaborate with influencers.

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