Content Strategy Trends

The Strategy Trends for your Content

Content has become more than merely brand awareness, companies are now strategizing content to
drive revenue and personalize the customer experience.

Most companies can improve business impact of content. Top corporate challenge is aligning multiple
teams around a unified strategy, followed by best efficient staffing to execute strategy.
Interactions are better performance metrics than reach. In recent years, reach and engagement were
the most popular ways to measure content performance, and although engagement remains requisite,
conversions and efficiency to measure strategy performance metrics.
Does product-focus content outweigh thought leadership. Though thought leadership still leads amid
service industries as healthcare, finance and technology, product-focused content fared best with
retailers and manufacturers. Content management teams should reevaluated strategies to determine if
existing content meets client and audience needs.
Video shorts have become best content performance format. Visuals remain essential for content
performance. Short-form video of less than 2 minutes leads, followed by static images. Native
advertising, blogs and long form whitepapers all placed well, while animated GIFs sank to the bottom.
Are data and tech skills preferred versus creative skills. Despite focus on content creation or optimizing
target audience needs, data analysis is now ranking as best preferred skills, followed by program
management and automated marketing skills. Whether refined scrutiny might reveal an overabundance
of creative types or outsourcing creative tasking to agency partners, while focus on in-house technical

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