Strategies to Help Your Email Marketing

Improving email marketing is not about following fads, but improving strategy. Relevant content with
focus on the customer journey remains classic tactics. Learn how to leverage marketing technology
trends to keep subscribers happy.

A top design trend for years, it allows subscribers to engage with additional content without leaving
their inbox.Interactive format might be criteria as forms, reviews, carousels or hotspots, though most
essential goal is The Ask for customer feedback. Home Depot allows subscribers to complete a product
review without clicking through to a landing page.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it easier to spot trends and understand massive data better and quicker.
Since customer data increases daily, this can make exploring data manually more difficult than ever.
According to Salesforce Research, the median number of data sources is projected to jump to 15 in 2019
— that is a 50% increase in just two years. AI speed, also frees other time for other marketing strategies.

Automation and Personalization
Modern trends make automation and personalization essential. Example is review of an abandoned cart
or abandoned browse campaign; both are automated and personalized based on a customer’s behavior.
Personalized communication increases engagement, customer satisfaction, and retention since 1-to-1
customization transforms the relationship between brand and subscriber.

Social Media Design Cues
Good content keeps the focus on user action. Bringing social media energy to email design requires:
 Keep it visual
 Keep the focus on a few actions
 Keep the content relevant with personalization
Also ensure that the email design and voice is consistent and cohesive across the social spectrum.

Data Privacy
Working with customer data was altered when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into
effect in 2018. A major aspect of GDPR, is that a customer must actively confirm their consent.
Capturing consent is beneficial because of email focus of an engaged audience. This also reinforces trust
that requires transparency, security, compliance, and performance. Creating cohesive, customer-
focused email campaigns aren’t just trends, but strategic ways to personalize email content and use
customer data in a respectful trustful way to reinforce brand presence.

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