What is Trending with Email Marketing

The landscape of email marketing will continue to focus on personalization focused on quality and
loyalty programs. Increasing content while maintaining quality is trending.

Personalizing continues its trend.
Marketing should expand its content choices: follow, browse, purchase, click and open behavior to
identify the content that interests subscribers most. Innovation in AI technology should aim to identify
content combinations that perform better, faster and more efficiently.

Growth of mobile average order value
Mobile average order value (AOV) has lagged behind its desktop counterpart because consumers are
less likely to make big-ticket purchases on-the-go. To gain consumer trust of big ticket buys on mobile,
brands will need to offer detailed product content, optimized images and videos, and customer
testimonials to entice The Buy.

The rise of interactive content rises
Brands that allow subscribers to engage within emails in new ways – the more engaged the subscribers
will be with the brand – whether it’s a personality quiz or the ability to book hotels without leaving
email. The use of interactive content can help boost sales or simply educate and entertain. Fun games
are a great way to increase email opens.

Quality v. quantity
Deliverability has become a serious concern + greater spend in targeted digital acquisition. To reach the
inbox every time and maximize revenue from email marketing campaigns, email marketing must ensure
relevant content to valued subscribers and not be overly focused on quantity of emails sent. Smarter
acquisition = greater ROI.

Loyalty programs
Smart email marketing will use loyalty programs to collect customer data to maximize better
understanding customer behavior.

Marketing strategy that can optimize predictive customer receptivity should have increased ratio of
messaging. Predictive can include day part, types of products or what promotions work best with a
given audience. Strong brands leverage loyalty points as an incentive for customer data. This
combination should lead to greater engagement in the inbox and more revenue.

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