Slaying the Mobile Experience

Making the Most Out of Mobile

Shoppers are now turning to their mobile devices more than laptops to brows and buy, Optimizing
content and email marketing could ultimately mean a captive target audience.

The 2018 retail Holiday Season experienced a 12% year over year growth for digital that was driven by
mobile and artificial intelligence (AI). Trends are indicating that best-in-class brands are now “designing
mobile-first and moving outward” to ensure shopper experience ease.

Retailers stepped up their game during the 2018 holiday season by offering more convenient payment
options such as PayPal, Apple Pay and others. Actually, industry reports say nearly 29% of mobile orders
were completed using digital wallets. This one-click experience is a vast improvement that helps break
down friction points of mobile.

Instead of slashing prices or screaming deals, AI wizardry enabled brands to provide automated,
personalized offers that often maintained margin. The most exciting element of AI is creating contextual
customer experiences.

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