What Does An Email Marketing Specialist Really Do?

What Does An Email Marketing Specialist Really Do?

What Does An Email Marketing Specialist Really Do?

The marketing world has changed dramatically over the last decade. Brands are
beginning to explore several marketing channels. Among these channels, digital
marketing which has become a major route to success. The digital marketing
strategy comprises of a wide variety of professionals and experts taking up
different roles. These experts include, content managers, SEO managers, social
media experts, copy writers and more. Email marketing specialists fall under this
category and more importantly a crucial part of the team.
Market survey experts have revealed that every brand who aims to achieve its
business goal can’t afford to ignore email marketing. Study has revealed that for
every $1 invested in an email marketing strategy, an average returns could be up
to $38.

Email Marketing Tip:  Mobile First in Email as Well 

Email specialists are individuals that understand the technical layout of emails,
securing conversions, driving traffic as well as building and maintaining
relationships with new and old customers. This brings us to the popular

Who Is An Email Specialist And What Do They Do?

An email specialist is a digital marketer tasked with the responsibility of building
email lists, manufacturing mails, and grooming leads through a structured
written communications. Email specialists are generally responsible for planning,
organizing, developing and executing a brands overall email strategy. The
emergence of digital marketing and inbound recruiting has placed more
emphasis on the role of an email specialist in a brand’s success.
A lot of people are delving into digital marketing but only a few know what’s
expected of them. The email marketing field is vast and so are the duties of a
specialist. Email marketing is becoming an attractive marketing medium
probably because people are becoming tired of being choked by ads on their
social media timelines or maybe because customers feel they have the choice of
either choosing to open or ignore an email.

The primary duty of an email specialist is to create, develop, strategize and
execute to perfection email marketing campaigns. The job description of an
email specialist includes a wide variety of duties. They determine target
audience and also tailor email trends that create a brand awareness. Every effort
of an email specialist is geared towards helping a brand generate and convert leads. In addition, the job of an email specialist also includes designing and
building landing pages.

Become a certified digital marketer which included a module on email marketing

Some of the roles and responsibilities of an email marketing specialist includes;

  • Building email marketing campaigns with the aim of promoting products
    or services
  • Ensuring that email messages are properly optimized through well
    executed designs and layout that are user and mobile friendly.
  • Ensuring that marketing messages are conveyed in a manner that’s clear
    and easily comprehensible for consumers.
  • Proofreading email messages in and out of the email templates to ensure
    an error free content.

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