How Blockchain's are Trending

Whether roads are paved with gold for bitcoin amid 2018 losses, though major corporate brands as IBM
and Walmart remain confident about innovative tech solutions for record keeping and secure

Less hype, more public trust
Since regulators have entered the scene, this ought provide more trustworthy mature endeavors -- such
as Walmart that is investing in solutions addressing food safety standards amid crisis as the E.coli
outbreak. Walmart's solution means anyone involved in the supply of certain products will be able to
trace individual items back to the farm where they were grown, using a tamper-proof distributed

Amazon is also announcing blockchain projects with two initiatives aiming to enable AWS customers to
advantage distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain and IoT convergence
The trend to secure data and devices in the internet of things ( IoT) should surge as more organizations
realize the potential of distributed, encrypted ledger technology. The powerful encryption used to
secure blockchains require intruders to need a vast amount of computing power to power the way into
a mere node. Industry experts predict that blockchains will have potential to log and monitor these
machine learning communications and transactions.

The Financial industry and Blockchain
The mainstream financial industry was shaken by the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech
and disruptive potential -- such as Bakkt, the Bitcoin-based futures trading platform planned by ICE at
NYSE. Also advantaging "unbankable" developing markets, start-ups likely to lead innovative services
built around blockchains and digital, fraud-resistant currencies.

More investment potential
Blockchain technology makes it possible to offer and track investments with elevated range of asset
classes that are usually domain institutional investors or high net worth parties. Tokenization eases
entry for property investment, potentially allowing more liquid trading of high-value assets -- though
regulation will be required before investment opportunities stakes will be considered safe for everyday

Art, fine wines and property are atypical assets traditionally an option for high net worth -- however
with regulation everyday investors can purchase digitally-backed “shares” and sell at discretion.
Blockchain “smart contracts" are also designed to reduce the middlemen fees of brokers and lawyers
establishing transactions.

Bitcoin as big business
With Bitcoin price as benchmark, prices are still increasingly higher than two years ago, and trading
volumes illustrate consumption for speculative investment. Alternative cryptocurrencies as Ethereum,
Ripple and Tether all promise improvements to Bitcoin if merely presenting more utility, security or
speed. As public trust of cryptocurrencies are reinforced, foundations of crypto ecosystems will evolve
with stabilized potential.

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