Marketing in the Cloud

As companies turn to virtual offices with employees spread around the globe and software as a service becomes the norm, companies are turning to the cloud to manage not only their day-to-day business but also their marketing efforts. Cloud marketing marries traditional marketing principles with software as a service (SaaS) applications, turning marketing strategy collaboration into a virtual process.Have you Tweeted, attended a webinar or received an email newsletter? If so, you have experience with cloud-based marketing applications. Twitter, Go to Meeting and Mail Chimp are just a few tools available to help marketers reach a target audience.  Social media marketing initiatives are managed entirely with cloud marketing tools such as HooteSuite, just one of many social media dashboards that enable teams of people across an organization to manage online communities with ease.The move toward more a technology-based marketing strategy requires marketers today to not only be familiar with traditional marketing principles, but also to be technologically savvy to navigate the world of available cloud-based tools. Consumers are turning to the internet for information much more often than print media, making an internet marketing strategy a must.The array of cloud marketing tools is vast, offering more choices and greater capabilities with less cost; but which tools will work for your business? CIM offers a staff of experienced, technologically perceptive marketers capable of leveraging the right tools to achieve the right results. Let us provide an effective cloud marketing strategy to grow your business and increase brand awareness.