Google Shopping - Get There

Google recently announced that the day of the free lunch for product listings is over. So, if you have a Merchant Center account with a product feed, your products are no longer showing up in search results, unless you’ve set up paid product listing ads through Google Adwords or Merchant Center.Google Product Search officially became Google Shopping—the mother of all comparison shopping engines—at the beginning of October. And Google’s recent reformat of the search results page now dedicates nearly half the page to Google Shopping results, if the search is on a product-related term (i.e. winter boots).And while this is may be great for consumers, it poses some challenges for businesses. Companies selling online now need to dedicate a budget to gaining product visibility in Google Shopping. And merchants who never listed their products need to get set up to gain this visibility.All of this is part making sure you are where the online shoppers are. Shopping, never a tidy process to begin with, has become like a crazy roadmap with consumers accessing many points of info to research, consider and execute a purchase. The challenge for today’s retailer is to be where you need to be to insure consumers can find the information on your products, when they need it and how they want it.For help with Google visibility for your products and services you can trust the Authority Marketing experts at Chief Internet Marketer. Contact us today to learn more and explore your options.Nearly half of the Google search results page is now dedicated to Google Shopping results: