It's Time... For Responsive Web Design

It's Time... For Responsive Web Design

Welcome to 2013... the digital age of iPhones, iPads, Androids, Nooks, BlackBerrys and more.   Some are calling this year the Post-PC era. Have we really migrated that far away from our traditional means of communication? What about our marketing platforms?Let’s put things into perspective: How do you retrieve your content when you’re on the go? Whether it’s through a specific app, or your mobile web browser, you too have migrated away from the days of desk-only browsing at the home or office.For marketers and businesses planning to introduce a new online presence in 2013, building "Apps" may sound like the right solution …. After all, doesn’t everybody carry a smartphone these days?!But with literally hundreds of mobile brands and thousands of models out there, how can you afford to create an "App" that pleases each and every one of your customers, or more importantly – each and every one of your prospective customers?

The Answer is Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Responsive Web Design is a strategic approach to web design that is geared toward delivering an optimal viewing experience. “Optimal?” This means easy to read, easy to navigate, little need to zoom in and zoom out, minimal scrolling, etc. Everything your site visitor needs to access should be right in front of them, and seamlessly displayed on screen, whether that screen is a 19” desktop monitor, or a 2.5” mobile screen.

Let’s Get Technical.

Responsive Web Design doesn’t involve creating hundreds of separate (and costly) websites as creating separate Apps would entail.  It involves creating ONE adaptive layout, which is capable of identifying the user’s platform and then triggering the so-called “mind” of your site to deliver the appropriate page layout. Page layouts are typically available for various screen sizes – desktops, tablets (such as the iPad or Nook) and mobile screens.RWD is not just for the homepage either; Responsive Web Design is carried throughout the entire site, so that the second your user clicks on a product or service, the sub-pages also adhere to their specific screen size.Say goodbye to that tiny magnifying glass on your smartphone’s screen. Say goodbye to “12x magnification” whenever you want to access your site’s primary navigation.  Say goodbye to zoom in…zoom out… zoom in… zoom out.Welcome to our new and responsive era.

Like What You Hear?

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