How to Utilize Your Web Design Software

Little to no coding knowledge? Discover web design software to create dynamic websites. Many
platforms often have features to help with coding, as well as a preview feature that can be edited
directly or as code is written.

Benefits of Web Design Software
 Create, update, and post websites
 Use templates to easily create web pages or widgets
 Test dynamic designs for different screen sizes
 Use libraries of code and fonts to create web pages

Why Use Web Design Software?
 Web Design One-Stop Shop
 Making Web Design Easy
 Small-Business Needs

Other reasons to use web design software:
 Storing and organizing files
 Improving interactivity of websites
 Streamlining onboarding

Who Uses Web Design Software?
 Web Designer
 Web Developer
 UI/UX Professionals
 E-Commerce Professional

Web Design Software Features
Templates: Provides ready-made templates for simplified website creation.
Element Libraries: Provides prebuilt website components such as tables, graphs, or widgets.
Drag-and-Drop: Allows users to drag and drop items and content to customize their site's look.
Content Management: Manages content such as blogs, marketing tools, newsletters, etc.
Syntax Highlighting: Visually parses large amounts of code to highlight specific items or item
types to denote them with a different color, background, or font.

Autocompletion: Autocompletes common functions or expressions to save the time of
manually typing frequently used terms.
Collaborative Editing: Allows multiple developers to work on the same file simultaneously while
on different computers.
Language Support: Supports programming languages such as Java, C, or Python. Support for
front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for responsive website design.
Extensibility: Provides the ability to extend the platform to include additional features and
Cross-Platform Support: Allows usage and access across a range of operating systems and
device types.
Plugins and Integrations: Allows for additional features and functionalities in the form of
prepackaged integrations and plugins.

Problematic Web Design Software
 Experience and Skill Set
 Budget
 Flexibility
 Toolset
 Ease

Web Design Software and Services
 Website Builder
 Wireframing Software
 Web Content Management Software
 Graphic Design Software
 WYSIWYG Editors — WYSIWYG is a common acronym for "what you see is what you get."

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