Tips For Web Developers: Getting the SEO Part Right in Web Development 

Tips For Web Developers: Getting the SEO Part Right in Web Development 

Don’t be one of those web developers who are unconcerned by the technicalities of SEO. Not to sound harsh but you should be well aware of how well your web designer knows about SEO. From experiences in recent years, web development and SEO are complementary, going hand in hand. It’s a joint package, one that could give you an edge as a web developer. Business owners are aware of this and are seeking web developers who combined web designing with search engine optimization. 

Business owners want to get it right with their on-page SEO. It starts right from the skeletal of the website. You’ll be a bad-ass web developer if you are able to have an understanding of the value of the business in offering and implementing it in your web design.

Let’s make this easier, we’ll provide proven tips on getting it right with SEO right from the website design stage!

Clean and Friendly URLs

We are looking at SEO friendly web design and it starts from the URLs. 

Having a clean, logical and straightforward URLs is a step closer to being search engine optimized. 

Start by doing consolidation of your www and non-www domains. Stay away from dynamic and relative URLs as far as possible. Stick with clean and meaningful URLs. 



You can even infuse your target keywords in the URL. That means you must have done keyword research even before web design. 

As a web developer, instruct your client to do keyword research before web development. If you are a business owner, your target keywords should be part of the information to provide the web designer. 

Image Optimization is Another Traffic Source

Never downplay the role of image optimization on a website. 

A lot of traffic is coming from Image search, let your website be receptive to these image search. It’s a two-way benefit for an image optimized website, quick loading time and extra traffic. 

Of course, you know your way around image optimization but let’s add give some tips. Give your image a good description and name it a keyword. Make it as small as possible, talking about size. 

JavaScript is Beautiful, Use Less of It. 

Ironic right? As a web developer, you know how beautiful JavaScript websites are but they are not SEO friendly. 

If you can stay away from it, please do. It is a fast route to negative SEO. Your client may be happy with the aesthetics of the website not knowing it will affect their search engine ranking. 

Employ CSS, they can achieve the same results you are aiming for by using JavaScript and JQuery. Search engine crawlers always meet a bring wall with JavaScript and JQuery websites. 

Sitemaps and Sitemaps!

This is an SEO trick that Pro Web developers will never overlook. 

Create an XML sitemap; search engine crawlers are always in need of pages available for crawling. It’s the sitemap that provides information on which one is available. 

There are two sitemaps, the reason for the emphasis with the heading; XML sitemap for search engine and HTML sitemap for the user. Create the two, it’s both important in setting up an SEO friendly website. 

Social Media Integration; Enabling Social Signals. 

No doubt again, social media is powerful and potent with SEO. 

Make it a top priority to integrate each of your relevant pages with social media. It’s not enough to place the social media icons at the bottom of the page. Make it strategic enough for the visitors not to be able to ignore it. 

It’s quite easy for visitors to share valuable content on social media with the presence of social media buttons. 

Final Words…

If you are unsure of how your web developer is handling your web design, let’s have a closer at Chief Marketer.