Hire that Blogger!

You know blogging is crucial to your Web site and your business, but what the heck is it? And where does one find a professional blogger so that they can offload this dreaded task and continue focusing on their core business and growth strategies?While blogging is often one small component of your overall internet marketing goals, hiring a blogger, versus trying to handle yourself, will benefit your organization in the following ways:

  • Save time and money – You don’t have time to think of topics, write blogs and then upload them, nor do you have the funds to pay your Director of Marketing to handle. Blogs (and bloggers) are inexpensive, yet effective.
  • Demonstrate your company’s knowledge base – Appear as the industry experts through continuous discussions and advice.
  • Engage with your online customers.
  • Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your Web site, and a traffic boost!
  • Blogging keeps your Web site relevant and updated!

Unfortunately, when looking for a blogger you may find that there are a lot of frauds out there. Just because someone is a copywriter, doesn’t mean they are a blogger. A blogger is qualified in the following ways, and guess what, we have them right here at CIM:

  • Writing Ability – Someone can be a great writer, but they need the ability to connect with YOUR audience, so readers remain engaged and interested. Ask for samples of relevant content!
  • Social Media Gurus- A blogger typically knows all social media platforms, in addition to their blog platform. Blogging doesn’t end at the blog, it’s shared and promoted through various networks such as Facebook and Twitter to gain additional exposure.
  • SEO Knowledge—A blogger isn’t going to simply write an entry and leave it up on the web for all to see. They are going to get users engaged and grow your networks (and maybe even sales), by externally linking up to other networks and/or Web sites, and by internally linking to other parts of your own Web site for additional information. Oh, and bloggers insert KEY WORDS for better SEO!
  • Makes Frequent Updates—The words keep on comin’! They know how to flood the market with your company’s content.

For more information on blogging, or hiring a blogger, contact us today!