Social Media Do's and Don'ts

What are the Do's and Don'ts of Social Media

 Think before posting. Think carefully of controversial topics as politics, religion or other topics
that might have contrary impact on clientele, vendors or corporate community.
 Be vocal. Personality and unique content matters.
 Be real. Introduce team members or create a "behind the scene" video. Be present at events.
 Create realistic expectations. Social Media alone will not grow sales. Marketing and
promotional strategies matter, as well as other corporate impact areas such as customer
acquisition and revenue growth.
 Write for the audience target. Simplest comprehension.
 Personalize outreach. A growing trend that matters to tailor deals and discounts

 Don't engage with trolls or contrary influencers. Don't waste efforts with negative effects.
 Don't try to be everywhere or do everything. Spontaneity and presence matters, however
maintaining too many channels might dilute the message. Tailor content to the platform that
delivers best optimizing.
 Don't post without proofreading. Careless content can reflect contrarily on the brand or
 Don't ignore followers questions, comments or messaging. Engagement remains key.
 Don't use AI as a substitute. Real time engagement matters.
 Don't be fixated on the competition. Time and effort is best spent honing optimized messaging
for target audiences.

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