How to Link Your Social

Link building is essential. It builds authority and confers trust. Other advantages include:
 Drive referral traffic
 Increase brand visibility
 Increase new audience reach

SEO strategies
 Third-party outreach
 Competitive link analysis
 Brand mentions identification
 Business profile optimization
 Trade associations
 Industry affiliations

Although backlinks are also essential, there's several other elements to consider such as: technical site
elements, on-page content optimizations, new content development.

Leveraging Content
 Generating authoritative backlinks should include:
 Producing quality and relevant content
 Strategies for promoting relevant content
 Aligning content and social media platforms with link building efforts is imperative
Creating Link-Worthy Content
Content reigns. Define audience targets while creating engagement is critical.

LinkedIn Trends
Industry experts anticipate a rise of LinkedIn Influencers that are able to build and leverage large
audiences. Relaunching LinkedIn Groups is another leveraging tool with audiences craving intimate
tribes. LinkedIn reports that likes, comments, and shares on the network increased more than 50

Strategic Employee Advocacy Programs
Companies can leverage brands via empowering employees to be a brand messenger. Employees are
the best way to personalize a corporate or product brand

Creating Mobile Content
Creating content experience at mobile is essential. Ensure other content is mobile friendly with aesthetic
adherence. Create pages specifically designed for the mobile user.

Great Insta Tool!  Mobile photo editing apps like Instasize integrate seamlessly with Instagram and works great for those who want to establish a consistent brand aesthetic.

Influencer Insights
Define industry influencers and create relevant content by sharing their unique insights. Embracing
influencers will confer thought leader status and encourage influencers to share assets with their own
audience reach. Content could include:
 Interview-style articles
 Roundups
 Lists of predictions or trends.
 Quotes

Link building lists are the best way to identify key influencers. Industry tip is to use FollowerWonk to
determine credible profiles related to search topics.Then, sort by Social Authority and Followers to find
the best opportunities. Once the asset is published, a good practice is often direct outreach to mention
the mention. Create and establish a connection and inquiry for the link.

Determine common inquiries from target audiences and should help spike ideas for research-based
content assets. Referencing statistics confers authority and trust, be certain all research is astute.

BuzzSumo also allows search for a topic/keyword to determine profiles sharing content.

Sharing resources and tools can create a take action experience for readers. Improve chances of
acquiring a link by being sensitive to needs of both readers and link building targets.

What makes assets valuable to readers?
 The specific tools that can be identified and used
 How to use the tools.
 Insights on what other experts have to say.
 Other resources and guides while experiencing the journey.

What makes asset link-worthy for the targets mentioned?
 Defining key features
 Unique relevance of tools
 Screenshots

Promoting Content Socially
 Post Sharing: Personalize and customize aim for engagement.
 Direct Outreach: Configure Google Alerts using related keywords to determine targeted articles
or websites.
 Paid Advertising: Using Tailored Audiences is the most refined outreach deploying the list of link
building targets.

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