What is Trending in Social Media

Audience Care
Love your audience for the loyalty, especially since social media is all about engagement. Authentic and
relevant content matters, as does speedy customer service responses, since that nurtures audience
brand loyalty. Personalizing content and personal responses matter to today's audience share.
Connecting with and engaging the audience will also have reciprocal benefits.

Authentic Sharing
Everyone enjoys a good story. Successful storytelling will matter, with trends seeking transparency of
personalized touches that matter. Industry experts suggest taking best performing social posts and
turning it into an article or blog with extra details and images. Such social leverage can boost traffic and
in turn rankings. The Medium platform is a unique space for repurposing content.

Influencers & Micro-Influencers
Seasoned influencers amid a campaign can generate an increase in nano-influencers ( defined as
average users with 1K- 5K followers ). Tools like Mavrck, Neoreach, and Traackr can help big brands find
and develop relationships with key micro-influencers on efficient scale. Be mindful of industry mantra:
everyone is someone socially. Engaging with relevant influencers remains essential. Defining who and
context when can make a difference with social footprint. Correct engagements have potential for joint
projects, partnering and client referrals.

A must-have must-do mega trend. What to watch:
 Live video: a forum for personalizing content and partnering.
 Vertical video: Breakout time for IGTV with Instagram promoting the app.
 Interactive video: Short videos that can run as ads
 Smartphone videos: The personalized spontaneity will matter as authentic content, and
reinforces trust.
 Video remarketing: An increase in traffic or rankings also potentially boosts remarketing.

Other video tips
 Set goals
 Storyboard with your creative team.
 Create 30-60 videos for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
 Stories: create or edit 15-second micro-videos
 Repurpose content to leverage optimized messaging
 The first 10 seconds matter as impression impact.

Facebook Messenger and Chatbots
Open rates can be efficient and effective ways of reaching and engaging with target audiences. Industry
studies say businesses that market via Messenger earn 60-80 percent open rates within the first 60
minutes.Think: email blasting except with Messenger.

Other tips and trends:
 Build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot
 Grow Facebook Messenger contacts
 Create content to send via Messenger
Chatbots usage success will depend on audience and leveraged message.

Social Community
Social is about social. Not merely a promotional platform. Modern definition may have to revert to
authentic content and real time communication again to connect and engage. Social becoming social
again often means reverting to smaller intimate targeted groups.

Earn it, keep it or how-to rebuild Trust. Brands are needing to work harder to keep and retain
preexisting audience trust. The Fake News Factor has been damaging and creating new necessity to
keep and retain trust.
Tips to rebuild trust:
 Stop selling, start communicating again.
 Stop asking followers for anything.
 Upgrade paid promotion budget for fresh messaging content reflecting brand trust.

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