2019 Trends in SEO - 10 Tips

Keeping Up with SEO in 2019

Keeping up to date with SEO trends

Trends can fluctuate. Discover SEO strategies that matter.

1- Understanding your audience
Know your audience: Best optimized content doesn't if it isn't onpoint for audience interests. Be sure to
provide simplest answers to search queries. If a website inspires audience search, the potential may be
Google rank for further visitor investment. It remains critical for SEO and content to focus on keywords.
Are best options to gain ranking at broad interest, or focus further down the funnel to capture a more
attuned audience. Keyword search matters. If your site isn't amid top SERPs then shift to another

2- Beyond Google Search
Is Google a monopoly or can Amazon and Apple share the search dominance. SEO will become more
than optimizing for Google, but anticipating other search engines. Learn how to drive traffic and
engagement for apps and things beyond mere websites. Strong brands are multi-dimensional ranking
more than just websites.

3- Structured data is essential.
The emergence of AI has made structured data more valuable -- since AI demands quick processing.
Cohesion between topics and behaviors reinforced by structured make-up is a critical trend to
understand, test and deploy. Learn to understand proper schema on pages for products, events and
contact information.

4- Content reigns.
Creating exceptionable and memorable content remains essential. Google algorithm updates indicates
an enhanced focus on evaluating content quality. Sites that tend to excel in quality content, usually
tend to surge in rankings. Industry experts expect trends of Google rewards for best content depth. Best
content solves a question that motivates and connects. Best content strategy doesn't  just answer a
question but uses language to engage the user and motivate the user for next action.

5- Increasing expertise, authority and trust
Expertise, authority and trust known as E-A-T in Google search quality ratings will be another critical
trend. This aids SEO to understand quality comes with content. Other search engines such as Bing also
want to reward E-A-T.

6- Invest in technical SEO.
A few key areas of focus will be: Speed, Java Script and Progressive Web Apps ( PWAs ) Learn how major
sites engage best with JavaScript driven websites. Or how can a PWS become a keepable experience an
audience would like on their home screen.

7- Score on-page optimization
Key optimizations include
 Content that answers user questions
 Ensuring internal search provides relevant results
 Shortening conversion
 Consider use of chatbots
 Simple and easy navigation
 Providing users with clear simple forms in fulfillment funnels.

8- Ready for Voice Search?
Refining Voice Search is trending since ultimately it shortens and fulfills results and answers. Some
dilemmas might evolve around speed with answers versus other search intent fulfillment. Though Voice
Search is on point to be a game changer for international audiences.

9- Watch Machine Learning
Industry leaders say there is need to adopt machine learning for unique content development. Machine
learning paired with analytic reporting will be essential to studying successes and failures.

10- Optimizing for Google SERP features
Besides optimizing websites, a 2019 trend must also optimize for Google search experience. That means
optimizing for featured snippets ( ie., position zero )

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