Some SEO Basics to understand for DIY

SEO Basics

Simple definition: SEO is running the right website for right audience. Correctly optimized content
tailored to audience needs. Although content, backlinks and site speed are essential criteria, that Google
uses more than 200 ranking factors. New websites also need to be indexed by Search Engines Results
Page ( SERP ) to be successful.

Learning SEO best practices changes with trends, so keep current about Search Engines and on-page
SEO, plus content, keyword link building as well as UX.
Learn beginner definitions for on-page and off-page, as well as white-hat, black SEO and what it means
for optimization.

On-page optimization includes: meta tags, headings, URL structure, website speed, images and of course

Off-page usually refers to off-site improvements for the domain by getting backlinks. Best practices
include: exchanging or buying backlinks, guest bloggers, social media, partnering with influencers and
again content.

SEO wears many hats. While black hat tactics might surge rankings, it may also draw penalties that
detract or damage rankings. White hat is long term best practices and ethical techniques for content and
link building.

Learn Search Engine basics.
 Crawling: Scans the website content, images, keywords and links by thousands of bots to update
 Indexing: Similar to a library catalog, this can take up to a week or 10 days for new websites,
checking progress with common search operator
 Picking the results: The process of checking the query based on various algorithms

Explore techniques for Ranking factors. A critical factor is the backlink profile based on number and
quality of backlinks leading to a profile.
Best ranking factors include:
 Content relevancy and quality
 Strength and relevancy of backlinks
 Engagement metrics as CTR ( Click Through Rate )
 Website speed
 Keyword density
 Grammar and spelling still matter
 Social signals
 Overall domain authority

A good practice list is Google ranking factors
Rank: First Place or First Page. Which is best, which matters more and how to score.
First page matters,
but placement might vary with daily organic algorithms.

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