New SItes and SEO

Working with a new site and domain?  Don't buy a SEO package.

You are excited to launch that new site and start watching the orders come in, and you want to get to the top listings for your category on Google.

Don't buy an SEO package from anyone for at least three months.   Heck it takes a month or two to get indexed by Google (unless you know some tricks like we do).  The only thing I recommend is building out good content on a well built and architecture web site for the first few months.  This will not hurt you.  I would also set up the ancillary drivers like Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and more.  Be ready to understand the traffic first and identify your primary target keywords and phrases, your secondary ones two.  Be realistic about the change for success!  Inspect what you expect!

Cheers, Jeff

Here is a brief video on my thoughts..

Adding more information on this topic soon.