New Way for SEO - Visual Search

Visual Search Engine Optimization

Visual Search is modern, but AI factors surge fast forward to future perfect refinement of user-friendly

See it. Want it. Find it. Simple Search. Visual Search is impacting retail and will impact all of search.

Industry experts (become an industry expert by getting certified) define Visual Search as **focusing attention toward a target** and not only assisting
with the endgame object find -- but potential other discoveries. With AI, a machine sees, interprets, and
interprets visual cues from human query. Applying metadata to the image, AI search retrieves "relevant"
results based on visual similarities, such as color and composition. But this is going away, as humans can
add in data that does not depict the picture.  Now engines like Google, will scan the image and know what it is.  

Check out to do a test of one of your images.  You may need to crop out images or select another image
to have the image match the keywords in the content.

Countless Search apps are emerging, such as "Synthetic" from the Omnicom subsidiary, Organic.
Synthetic’s Style Intelligence Agent (SIA) is powered by Adobe Sensei, and uses AI to help shoppers find
specific clothing items -- plus trending accessories to complete the look. The user simply uploads an
image so the Adobe Sensei’s Auto Tag can extract other cohesive images ranging from color and price,
as well as correlating other styling accessories. Sensei can also build a customer-user profile of style
preferences for a uniquely customized shopping experience. Retailers are hoping for increased impulse
buying. Seeing may be believing, but will seeing mean buying.

Visual Search isn't merely a click-and-buy tactic but modern merchandising strategy for trending
personalization. Image recognition will allow marketers to identify product placements and emerging
trends. Consumer-friendly usage will also enhance comparative shopping -- minus exasperating searches
to multiple pages, especially during formative browsing.

AI-powered Visual Search can now search and find anything while enhancing visual listening defined as
current social media principles + advanced image analytics and algorithms that contribute refined
product feedback, consumer whims or market competition.

Other emerging Visual Search platforms include:

 -  Google Lens: Not just shopping, but explore menu options, identify flora and fauna, or learn
more about nearby places. Add Google Lens to Google Assistant or Photos for an expansive
dimension, while Google has teamed with varied mobile partners offering Lens as an option for
native camera apps.

-  Slyce: A plug and play mobile solution that blends image recognition into a simply cohesive user-
friendly platform with SDK that can handle barcodes, QR codes and coupons. Macy's and Home
Depot have added Slyce to their app.

- Syte: Defining itself as "AI reimagined". Based on deep-tagging tech, Another user-
friendly tool creating immersive interactive omni channel experience.

- Visii: A digital footprint that thinks visually and offers an enhanced collection of browsing tools
to optimize user-friendly search. Explore automated merchandising that can double SKUs
without adding staff.

- ViSenze: Singapore start-up that deploys AI to simplify advanced visual web search. A spinoff
from NExT and successful active in investor backed funding.

Industry projections envision early embrace of Visual Search might anticipate as much as a 30 percent
surge in e-commerce revenue in a few short years.

With visual domain raging, new publications as Kaptur and EContent Magazine are dedicated to Visual
Search have emerged providing exclusive focus the Visual Tech space to keep on-point pace of modern
visual blur.

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