Defining the Differences: SEO vs SEM

Defining the Differences: SEO vs SEM

You’ve heard them both—SEO, and SEM. But, are they the same? NO! Well, sort of. They certainly have to do with one another! This week, we’re discussing the differences between the two and how they complement one another in your overall internet marketing plan.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the overall process of marketing and selling your Web site, products and services over the internet, within the search engines. A search engine marketing campaign will include many of the following components: search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, placement advertising, submission of sites to search engines, a monitoring and performance system, link development, keywords, back end management and much more.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned above, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply a component of Search Engine Marketing. Contrary to SEM which often requires pay-for initiatives, Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective function, and if you know how to do it yourself, it’s actually free! SEO is the act of optimizing your Web site for organic search engine listings – so that your Web site naturally pop up within the search results.For more information on SEO or SEM, or for help in getting your SEM campaign started, contact our industry experts at (888) 340-INET.